Too many Thank You good day calls.

So now I think that this has to be addressed recently I have seen a lot “thank you good day calls” on expert server and it is unnecessary doing this just makes the frequency cluttered with unnecessary calls.
So all I am asking here is to **stop ** please IFATC controllers could benefit from this as they have to send so many calls when controlling a busy airspace so if you stop it will be better for everyone thanks!

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I thought the controllers enjoyed it to show that they appreciate the ATC service


Myself along with other controllers really don’t mind the miscellaneous messages as we don’t get alerts that there’s a message, and it shows the pilots appreciation for the controllers service. So this isn’t really something that people need to stop doing.


It’s not really affecting controllers at all, it’s not read out anymore. Courteous pilots and ATC is great!


I think it is a very good message. It shows your appreciation to IFATC controllers.


I’ve been an IFATC for a few years now, and I’ve always liked it when a pilot says thanks & good day. I don’t always have time to respond, but it certainly doesn’t hinder me.

In fact, since I often open smaller and less obvious airports, I often thank the pilot myself, just for choosing my less obvious airport as their destination.

I’ve had pilots sending me thank you for approving their pushback, which I think is a bit much…


Personally, I use this message when I’m told „Frequency Change Approved“ without a frequency assignment. So instead of „Frequency Change approved, good day.“ I say, „Thank you, good day.“ Ground and Tower got me in the air, that’s worth thanks.

Besides that, I use it to say thank you when ATC did an excellent job (which is the case in nearly 9 out of 10 cases) but only when the frequency isn’t too busy as I don’t want to disturb it.

I didn’t know that those messages wouldn’t ”pop up” on the controllers’ flight strips anymore. That’s good to know!


A general advise using this message:

Always use this message when you shut down your engines.

This is just a small thank you after having a “safe” flight. If you use this message elsewhere, you don’t have to. It just clogs up the message column as stated above. When you depart, don’t say good day, as this message is already included in the “frequency changed” option.


“Thank you good day” is a way of the pilots thanking and appreciating what the controller did. There is nothing wrong with it and when I get that message, it makes me feel good knowing that person is thanking me for IFATC services


But I feel as @Kuba_Jaroszczyk said people are saying it when told to change to departure I feel when on the ground is ok but not like that.


It doesn’t clog up anything. Thank you messages aren’t read like all the other messages so people can say thank you whenever they want :)


I say “Thank you good dag” at the end of my flights to show appreciation to the IFATC controllers who have given up there own time to control at an airport. By saying these little messages will make them happy.


I’ve always enjoyed these messages actually. When you’ve been on the fourm for a while, you tend to see more negative than positive about IFATC, which is quite unfortunate, as the team is extremely strong, and skilled. When your controlling, just a simple “Thank You” lightens up anyone’s mood, no matter the situation. I do encourage this message, and enjoy the outcome


This is far, far, far down the list of phrases controllers want to stop hearing.

How about stop checking in then requesting something immediately, instead? (Skip the check in if you have an actual request to make and just make it. Spare controllers wasted time telling everyone Radar Contact only to have to return to them two seconds later for their actual request.)


I’ve made it a bit of a tradition to always say “Thank You, Good Day” when transitioning from one frequency to another or when leaving the airspace. As for ending a flight, I often say the same or simply “Thank You”, to show my gratitude towards the service provided by IFATC :)


Doesn’t matter how busy the airspace is, i always appreciate a thank you or thank you good day.

Like its been mentioned, we can’t always respond, but we always will hear it and will appreciate it


I will second all the other controllers here and say I love the “Thank you’s” and “Thank you, good days”! It does not light up your strip when you do it so it is not annoying at all to us. When I have time, I like to say thank you to pilots when I send them off on their way to another frequency too.

I would like to second what Tim said about NOT CHECK IN and then asking for Vectors right after. Its pointless for us radar controllers to say “Radar Contact” to everyone AND then “Expect vectors for…” That is so much more frustrating and time consuming.

SPREAD THE WORD on only checking OR requesting a service (vectors). Thank you!


I think it’s good gesture as long as you don’t expect a “you are welcome or thank you in return” you don’t know how busy the controllers are specialy if he deals with ground and tower. If you have to change frequency, change it rather than hanging about.

I would like to ask what makes you, a non IFATC community member reputable in what would make IFATC’s life easier?


I think you meant IFATC ;)