Too many questions about 'Why I can't access Training Server?'


I just wanted to clear this up. I have seen so many posts from people who are Grade 1 wondering why they can’t access Training Server. The answer, my friends, is in the top post of the forum home page. The post says that the requirements have changed and you have to be Grade 2strong text**** to access training server. Before any new topics are created about accessing Training Server, please can you read the ‘NOTAM - Server Access’ post at the top of the forum as this will likely answer your question.

Thank you, and moderators I am just trying to help the number of unnecessary posts being created on this forum.

BennyBoy (‘Captain BennyBoy in IF’ - Expert Server)

Well, if they don’t read a globally pinned message, there is no way that they will read this thread.


Should I globally pin it and if so how do I do it?

Yeah, maybe let’s just leave it to the pinned thread. If there was no pinned thread, there would be even more topics regarding the change. The minority of people don’t see the topic or just don’t bother looking around for one. All we have to do is just keep directing them to the right topic and one day, there’ll be no more topics with questions about the requirement change.

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Only staff members can pin it. The NOTAM thread is already pinned and everyone can see it at the top. (That’s why I wrote the post above)


I know the NOTAM is pinned but the posts are being created because people blatantly can’t read.

Just like @Luke said, there is already a pinned thread that will display on top of everyone’s screen. Unfortunately some people still don’t pay attention, but everything that can be done to get the message out has been done.

Also only Moderators and staff members can pin, close, unlist and all those other features.


Then you are reinforcing the point that @Starley just mentioned. They are even less likely to see this post as it’s not even pinned. ;)

It’s good that you are trying to make people aware, but there’s not much more we can do other than the post that’s already out there.


I realised. Also, just out of curiosity. how do u become a moderator?

You don’t. You can be selected but you need to be at least a regular to even have a chance

Ok thanks that helps

Am afraid that you have failed the first test of becoming a moderator by asking how you become a moderator.

This post was a nice idea however as pointed out there is also a pinned thread by the staff explaining why TS is for only Grade 2 higher…also there are other reasons for not getting access such as the violations/landing ratio. If Newbies are not reading the official pinned post, why would they read this one?


Mods can close this now…

By doing a superb job being a role model and near perfect as can be example for the community.

And also by not asking.

It takes a very special breed of human to be a moderator. ;)