Too Many Polls

I find polls a very fast, convenient and simple way to get to the answer or see what the community thinks. Lots of times people won’t input their answer, or like the post. I hardly ever like the post. I don’t know why. Lol, but I would always answer a poll. Just my two cents. Why am I giving two cents if it’s only a penny for your thoughts?


Two cents is like a penny…? 😂

You have all my support

Polls ruin likes count
Should be only allowed in some cases

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Why is everyone complaining on this community!!! Like seriously?

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Two cents is two pennies

Its an open community feel free to say anything you like as long as you dont say anything rude or stupid right?!

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Is it? I Thought the Dollar to GBP was like 1.8?

A cent and a penny are the same thing…US money here… lol

I am two pennys

New users should see how much forum members dislike polls :)


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