Too many of basically the same plane?

I find it kinda weird how there are so many of the same aircraft. For example the 777 family has the 200ER/200F/300ER. The 747 has the VC-25/200/400/800. The 737 has 700/700BBJ/800/900. The a320 family has the 318/319/320/321. These families have all these different versions when we don’t even have other airliners in the game. Why are they making a 777-200LR when there is already a 777-200. Instead they should add maybe the MD-90,A350,MD-11,727,or a new 787. Either way I am thankful to even have a mobile flight simulator as great as Infinite flight.


Nah I don’t think so. It’s catering to everyone’s preferences and each plane is a different experience. It’s much nicer to see different types of planes than just all the same models on Live as well.

  • diffrent versions of same plane
  • diffrent aircraft ex. a350,787,md-11

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But why not both? You can have the B787-8 only, or you could have B787-8, B787-9 etc, A350-800, A350-900, A350-1000. It’s like they say, variety is the spice of life :)


That would take like 2 years to make i guess idk

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Personally, ild prefer quality over quantity.


Well from where i see it, they’re an extension of an existing model, meaning they’re easier and less time consuming to make but at the same time they offer a variation in behaviour, greater livery coverage across one main aircraft type, and so on. For example, I love the fact that you get the old 747 cockpit on the -200, SOFIA and the SCA models, but the more modern displays on the other types - gives you a great feel for how the pilot’s ‘office’ changed over the years and those who like the traditional take on things can enjoy the airplane just as much as ones who like the more modern touch. People have asked for these models as well, so it’s not like they’re randomly added for the sake of it.

Personally, I’d actually go one step further than you, and say that there are far too many modern twin-jets in the app. I wouldn’t remove any that are already added, but I would love for the app to delve deeper into aviation history. Caravelle, 707, Tu-154, Comet, Tristar, Bf-109, iL-2, Super Constellation, Be-200… the plethora of various GA planes that would make great use of the enormous quantity of small airstrips around the maps in IF… - basically there are plenty of opportunities that go unfilled because people just want the A350 or 787 or [insert a tube with wings and two smaller tubes here].


I support this one :P


My great grandfather flew them, so I’d absolutely love to have one in IF :)

edit: figured you’d like that one at least from the user name :D


I agree with you to some extent.

The Il-2 hasn’t been requested yet, why don’t you create a request for it?

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Sounds good; I can’t do it on the old site, but I’ll make a thread later in Features over here :)

I also have a POH for it somewhere (a very basic one, but I’m sure there’s enough data on the net to fill in any missing pieces). Accurate data sources are really the greatest challenge when it comes to making new aircraft, you need to either pilot that airplane, know a few pilots who flew it or have access to correct documentation. IL-2 and other warbirds at least are easier to get information about because of the factor of time (for availability and de-classification of data)

The previous paragraph is also the reason why it’s easier to add a version of an existing airplane compared to a completely new one, btw. As IF evolves, people expect more accuracy and realism, which in turn demands more data to feed the sim before a proper model can be produced :)

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I can understand you.
I also don’t like that they’ll add the B777-200LR I prefer A330-200 B787 A350 …

This seems like someone who wants different cockpit views!✌

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I would like different aircraft and then later they could think about adding other variants. But if variants in a family are quite different to each other I think they should add two or more.

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Hey, we like variety. No one wants to be stuck flying only one variant of a 777.


Two actually :-)

To be honest, the reason (my guess) is that the devs release many similar planes is that it is easy to do. If you were a dev, would you rather take 2 months to make one completely original plane, or take 2 months to make 3 similar planes? This is just my guess, not directly proven.

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I agree and it’s been requested by many of us to add more aircraft other than the same trash haulers. Our existing prop planes and smaller jets haven’t had any rework and we haven’t seen any plans to do so. Only thing we got was a dash 8 which seems like a lame attempt at compromise.

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I wonder if the 77L has already been completed before someone even requested for it… Lol

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