Too many heavies

people please stop flying heavies into small friday night flight airports, such as TNCA. the biggest aircraft they actually fly there are A321 its too crowded


The biggest aircraft TNCA, TNCB, TNCC can handle is class E aircraft, which are 777s.

Traffic is minimal now though, and the situation isn’t so intense. Kind of expected though, not everyone is a fan of GAs.


TNCA handles the KLM A330 all the time. But I agree, lots of Commercial, not a lot of GA. Well, hopefully it changes.


on flight radar you can see its only really a A330 that flies commercially to TNCA.

I agree why does everyone decide to fly 747 and 777 into a already cramped airport

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TNCA, TNCB, and TNCB’s only real long haul routes are from Amsterdam, with operating aircraft such as the A330’s, 747-400, 777’s, and 787’s. KLM’s historical 747 is what people can’t turn down so they choose to fly this as their long haul. I flew into TNCC on a KLM 747, had no issue at all.


You could just personally avoid the HUB airports! That’s what I do…


not sure there hub airports but TNCC, TNCB arent really that busy right now Only TNCA

but unfortunately the hubs tend to have the best routes

FlightAware has DL 757s, a Tui 787, and KLM A330s scheduled into the airfield.

But I take your point, constantly flying heavies on short hops is unrealistic and generally annoys me too.

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yes thank you for understanding.

Yeah, I saw a very experienced grade 5 flying an Ethiad 787-10 between islands. Palm, meet forehead.


exactly, everyone is free to fly what they want but there comes a point were common sense should be used

Unfortunately, this post won’t be seen and won’t change heavy traffic.

Controllers are allowed to deny traffic if it gets too busy but we don’t do it unless absolutely needed.

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Cant they put a TFR restriction to stop people arriving a A380s

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You can spawn into an A380 at any of the 3 airports so I’d say no. As long as they are following ATC instructions, they will be fine.

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Actually, A380s are a class F aircraft which all 3 airports can’t handle ;)

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IFATC will tell them to divert if they think the plane is too big for the airport.

Not necessarily. For example, today, a great long haul (and one that I am currently flying) is EHAM-SMJP (Amsterdam, Netherlands —> Paramibo, Suriname).

It’s a route that is flown by KLM on their B747-400, TuiFly Netherlands on their B787-8, and Suriname Airways on an A340-300.

Lots of aircraft choice, great and scenic route, and one that does NOT go to one of the three HUB airports!

whats the problem with this? Realism is good, but this is a Sim, not real life… let people fly what they want, where they want 🤗❤️