Too Many Ghosts

I cannot use the expert server because I have too many violations in the last 12 months - even though I am grade 3. I think the message that popped up said I have 15 violations in the last 12 months - all of them would be for overspeeding in the training server. Pretty tough imo. It is too easy to overspeed and anyhow it is not such a serious offence to commit on the training server. What’s more, it’s possible to rack up multiple violations while trying to bring speed back down - ridiculous. In real life speed limit under 10,000 ft is not enforced unless traffic is heavy enough to warrant the restriction. You charge quite alot to access your servers - maybe review the penalty system so as not to turn away people making simple errors that don’t relly affect the enjoyment of others, and that are not really based on reality.

This was the whole premise with the revisions to access the Expert Server because it does affect the experience for others.