Too Many "Ghosted for no reason" posts

Hey. First, sorry if this is the wrong category. But I feel like there are too many of these posts. First, try not to bring it to the community. It clogs up the community. If you want to talk about it contact the controller with a PM. And, there is usually a reason. And if they do make a mistake then it can be reversed. Also, you should take a look at the replay to see if you did anything wrong. I’m not being mean at all but just try to discuss it with the controller via PM. Cheers!



I agree, I think it would be a good idea if the staff or mods like PIN the “what to do if you get ghosted” thing so it will cut down on those kinds of posts

but not going to lie, it is kinda fun reading those posts to see the peoples rationales


Lol :) yeah. I think it needs to be narrowed down. They all get closed but it still clogs up the forum.

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I agree with you fully. One thing I realize most of the time is that people who do that, do not check the page where it says all the atc names (callsigns).

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Yeah. They don’t even list the username on IF of the controller.

You are quite correct my dude!

There is always, always a reason for a ghosting. Whether it be server side or poor pilot conduct, there is always a reason.

I think people need to understand that 👀


Yeah you are so right. There needs to be some kind of topic made and pinned so this can stop. There is always a reason.

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Also, some people who get ghosted don’t want to admit that they made a mistake. They immediately blame the ATC and feel that they are entitled to get unghosted.


Although I do feel like we have too many of these types of posts, there are also those who come to the community straight from IF to try to find out why they got ghosted. Most of these do try to say though that they’re not in the wrong, but that you cannot control

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Yeah. This needs to be cut down.

I agree with you and you are correct, but they make those topics because usually, they don’t know who the controller is.

Yeah. Some kind of topic needs to be made with all instructions on how to PM the controller and how to find out who it is.

Finding the controller’s name isn’t hard as we’re recommended to make our Slack, IF, and IFC name quite similar to make it easy to differentiate between eachother. The issue comes when the people who just joined aren’t the right TL to PM the controller, so the controller has to PM them

True, there is also a topic that have the names of the IFATC members and IFC users which I think should be pinned to be in the top.

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Yeah. At least in #atc category.

Yeah. I never noticed this. You are right so many new users post those.

Others have brought it up too :)


Thanks! I agree.

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Hey mate,
This topic has already been created by multiple people, please make sure it’s not a copy next time.

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They should just go back into replay.