Too many feature requests?

They don’t though. it’s pretty clear the devs don’t trawl through every single livery request. It’s pretty clear that they know the liveries they want to add.

Died down now as Concorde has been ‘unconfirmed’. That sure was a party blooper.


Yeah but that’s not the point it was the same with the 787


Well, it still allows community members some input. As I think Tyler once said, aircraft are never completely done. We’ve seen liveries get continuously added to planes. I think that for those (United 777-200ER?) with really good ratings, they will get added. Idk, I just think that the best way to prevent everyone getting so irritated is a subcategory for liveries. Then you can block it to you hearts content…


Just wanted to bring this up again because my frontpage has been inundated with MD livery now. I am all for it but it just isn’t my thing and was wondering what we could do to have a subcategory for livery that would then allow me to mute it if I choose.



People have the rights to do what they want

I 100% agree. Just asking for a way that would allow me to mute it, if I don’t wish to view them.

I wish people would read…

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You can mute a category thankfully haha. So I’d suggest just muting it. Hope your day is going well.

Feature request are their for a reason they will die after the DC-10 hype dies

You’re right, but I still like the features cat. So that’s my conundrum.

Same. If that’s the case really you just have to bare through it.

Will do! Thanks, just thought I would give it try.

Appreciate the feedback.

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Hey no worries man I know I didn’t help at all. It’s either mute them all or endure them all basically. Sorry.

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how will the high number of features will Affect you? it wont kill you, just mute it, thats it

There was really no need to comment that was there? And FYI it is just annoying that so many useless feature requests are being made no matter the fact that it does not kill me.

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But if you don’t request features, it’ll kill you.

Seriously, when do you ever feel that ‘this is enough’

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Wrong, i meant that whats wrong with features, they arent enemies

I’d like a more valid argument instead of enemies, death etc. Like a kid.

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