Too many cooks

Does anyone else feel there should be just one ground / tower / approach etc. slot per airport ? For example one of the most popular ATC destinations KNUC has one ground and two tower slots, I was operating ground and one of the towers the other day and everything was working nicely until someone else took over the second tower slot whereupon things started to get messed up pretty quickly. Some incoming aircraft were on my tower frequency, some tuned to his and because we had no way of communicating with each other neither of us had any idea where certain aircraft were being directed. It’s only a single runway airport, surely one is enough !
Also 5 approach slots at KLAX and EGLL ? Imagine the chaos of 5 different people operating one each, no one would have a clue where other aircraft tuned to different approach frequencies were heading.
One controller per airport for each discipline would surely make things run much more smoothly…

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For now, if there is multiple towers/grounds, take them both.

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you don’t know that. Did the devs announce it?

It’s going to be fixed yes. But we can enable it on specific servers in case we need it.