too many bugs

too many bugs, freezing all the time on taxiing, landing and nearly all camera angles in the game ( both wing views, during pushback it freezes). it is virtually unplayable, can i get a refund?

Hi, can you please tell us which device and OS you are using?
This is usually because your device is not optimal enough to play global smoothly.

samsung galaxy j3 2017, 2gb ram 16 gb storage with SD card

Do you have a good wifi connection?

Have you tried restarting your phone and or uninstalling the app and reinstalling it

yes, its really strong

ive done it about twice today, and three times last week, still doesnt work

The new update will come with bug fixes (hopefully)

This Topic also has useful info, if your device is compatible then please try this…

•Restart your device multiple times before launching infinite flight
•Play at the lowest graphics possible and turn “Anti Aliasing” off
•Play with low brightness
•Clear RAM, hold power button until slider pops up to turn device off, then hold home button, repeat this multiple times to clear RAM.

i mean, i dont want to delete it cos its a really nice game, however it is unplayable with all these bugs

Thank you for contacting support.

The Samsung Galaxy J3 is on the lower end of the Samsung spectrum. The first thing to try is to lower all of your in-sim graphics settings to low and then work your way up to where you encounter an issue. Most of the issues you are describing are related to graphics. Try that and see if you have a better experience.


ill try again thanks