Too many ATC reports in last 12 months (How Long To Wait)

I Understand The Rule, But Just A Quick question, How Long do you have to wait until this ban expires?

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You will have to wait until your first ghosting drops from your stats. Check your logbook to see when that occurred.


Show a picture of your gradebook

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For Some Reason Whenever I Go on the Grade 3 Server It Happens?

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To fly on the expert server there is a limit to the ghosts you can have. This is to ensure there are high standards of pilots. I suggest you look at tutorials and familiarise yourself with all the correct techniques to flying and communicating with ATC to stop this from happening once your first ghost prevents you from accesssing the server again.


Hello, you are unable to access to Expert Server is because you have 5 report. You have to wait until the report is 4 and you will be able to access. When did you had your fist report?

As In The First Report I Got Ever? Or the latest report from this week

Yes, when did you got your fist report?

Sorry IDK? Is There A Way To Check

Yes, go to your logbook and look through in the Live Flight and search the first one. In the note, you will see reported by somebody.

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Ok Thanks!

Have you found it yet? If so, when it did happen?

Soz, Took A Break LOL

Latest Report On The 19th Of October, First Violation On The 30/3/18 And First Report On The 15/4/18

In that case you would have to wait until April 15th to get back down :(

YAY (Sarcasm)


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Yeah. It kind of sucks. But no problem, and good luck in the skies!


While you are banned from the Expert server, I strongly recommend you to look at the reasons why you were reported and maybe fix your mistake/ prevent these mistakes from happening.


That would be a very good idea, yes.