Too many 787's

The 787 update is one of my favourite updates right now… But there is one thing that annoys me in Live and the thing is that there are too many 787’s! Literally, every second or third aircraft in live is a 787! Its getting too unrealistic… I know that you can’t change it but im just saying it!

By the way, I love the update and im thankful for everything the devs have done to us!

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Everyone else likes the 787 update too, so give it time for people to enjoy the new 787 and then we will return to a much more normal mix of aircraft.


It’ll die down in a few weeks. If Amazon users ever get the update or I get a new iphone I’ll be the guy in the Citation!


You sure??

Yeah it’s just hype, it should die down soon

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Ok , thanks!

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It’s alike this in all updates
In the Q400, all servers were nearly full and 95% of planes where dash 8s. After a month, live was back to normal

Oh… Well I didnt notice…

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