Too hot to fly in Phoenix, flights cancelled

No, the maximum operating temperature means that the aircraft can maintain lift and fly up to a certain temperature. Beyond that temperature, the aircraft will remain on the ground until the temperature drops below the maximum operating temperature.

How do I say this diplomatically? If you want a good plane in the regional jet size bracket, you get a ERJ 175 / 195.
If you want a cheap plane, you get a CRJ. You pay for that you get.

The CRJ is underpowered, with a small wing and based on a 70s corporate jet (Canadair Challenger). To hear they struggle in hot weather…well, imagine my shock!

Not hating, just the feedback I get from my friends who fly these daily is pretty grim. Thankfully the Bombardier C series rectifies all these problems.


I know, I was joking, lol.

Of course, the CRJ-700 also has the same engines as the E75 and is 12,000 lbs lighter… so in a sense it has more thrust/pound compared to the ERJ-175. It has a wing 97% as large as that of the E75 by area, and its only restriction is their lack of performance specs above 42°C. If you wanted more performance specs to increase the CFE, all you have to do is pay a bit more.

So what’s the USD 3,000,000 more you’re paying for the E75 going to?


I live here in Phoenix and I can tell you, this is NOT a joke! It is so hot that if you go outside for 5 seconds, you start to sweat! You can’t even step barefoot outside without getting heat blisters on your feet! :)


Even shoes with black bottoms start to burn your feet 🔥


The problem with the CRJ isn’t their ability to take off, I’m sure they can. The only problem they have is the lack of takeoff performance numbers in their manuals. Bombardier did not test takeoff performance beyond 118F so no one knows for certain how the aircraft will behave and therefore cannot go anywhere. CRJs are pretty decent in the first 3-4 rows, then it gets more and more painful the further back you get. The last row is the worst, you get to contend with the noise, and the smell of the blue-juice operated bathroom.

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I know that feeling of where you can’t go anywhere without melting.

I wonder which commercial aircraft has the highest operating temperature for a given weight?

I’ve seen a EC-130H Compass Call take off from a base in Kuwait, middle of the summer when it was around 140 degrees. My guess is it was almost at MTOW.

Took up almost the entire runway but it got off the ground. Was really impressed, just another reason why the Herk is awesome :)

Anyone whose interested in learning more about the EC-130H can read this article, its good stuff:

Heard about this early this morning, pretty bad. There was a photo of a guy on the ramp, completely dripping in sweat.

Let’s just say global warming is real and we need to tell those Americans president he needs to get a reality check


Yeah, sadly it can’t

But it’s humid here. Not your pathetic levels of humidity 😝

Well, here in the uk, it’s a different kind of hot, I have been to Turkey recently where it was mid 40’s, yet it feels twice as hot here in the uk even though the highest temperature I have seen it hit the last couple of days was 39. You have to remember our summer normally conists of cold rainy days

Feel bad for my dad over there, it’s hot in SoCal as well!

Ummm…this has nothing to do with global warming. It is just hot here in Arizona. It is above 90 Degrees Farenheit basically everyday during most of the year in Arizona, so this is pretty normal. :)


But it is increasing… why else would our poles be melting at a faster rate than ever recorded before? But that’s for another topic. I wish Global was already released so we could try this weather out. The TS1 noobs would create a nightmare!

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Lol, it’s not increasing. It’s been the same 100-120 degree weather in the summer for a very long time. If anything, this is one of the cooler years we’ve had compared to some of the others.


I never said the temperature is increasing in your area - as a whole, the earth is undergoing an increase in temperature. As said above, this is for another topic.

This is turning into a climate change debate, I think we all know where this leads. Let’s keep it on topic if there’s anything more to discuss on this matter.