Too hot to fly in Phoenix, flights cancelled

Anything above 20 is classed as boiling in the UK


The density altitude must have been killer.

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Is it bad that I live in LA and I complain about anything over 85 degrees Fahrenheit? In that weather I’d be crying.


Florida can’t even get that bad, and it’s always hot.

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Totally agree,
It’s called the Certified Flight Envelope, which states the limits of pressure altitude and temperature for operation.
Probably Canadair costumers didn’t expect to operate in such harsh conditions, therefore they never certified it (because it’s kinda expensive). However I am sure the actual aircraft and engines can handle it.
The max certified take off altitude is a similar issue. most large comercial transports are only credited to 8,000 ft PA. However if you pay more as a costumer, they add an appendix in the AFM in order to allow such take Offs.

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Only 48 and Flights Canceled? here in UAE it may reach 55 and flights arent even delayed!


Haha, temps will go more and more hot guys…


There’s no regular flight from Dubai/Abu Dhabi or even Sharjah operated by a CRJ aircraft.


A heat wave rolled in so they cancelled some flights. Just goes to show how hot Arizona can get. They are expecting it to cool down by this weekend or next week. 🔥

I can’t believe Phoenix can be so hot. Last week, it was also 120 degrees, and it even forced the whole airport to shut down. I know American cares for safety, so that’s good 🙂

You must be complaining a lot but I guess you live closer to the ocean or something because I live near L.A. and we are relieved when it goes back down to 90 during the summer.

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Alright, I think this is getting off topic.

That statement is completely false. I live in Phoenix and know people who work at KPHX and none of them said the airport was shut down nor did I hear anything about it. I don’t even think it was 120°F last week. It stayed in the 110s°F area.

Here in England it’s 30 degrees and hospitals are on high alert for heat-related issues :/

How can you live in 48?


Over there it’s less humid, the issue is here we have very little breeze or anything making it much worse. I would rather be in the Middle East or something because at least they have aircon 😂

1 Like I saw that on this web page, maybe I’m wrong but it says it on here. @Gavin_Hertel

Only CRJs are grounded due to their temperature limit being exceeded, other planes can still take off and land at PHX.

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I meant that is from last week, not today.

Nowhere in there did it say KPHX shut down due to the heat (unless you’re living in 1990).

Maybe I was wrong, my apologies.