Too High On Your Approach? Try This

Great little write up on how to perform the forward slip! Although I do question wether it works in this sim or not? I have attempted it many times with very little if any at all success. Maybe it is something we can only do on newer planes?

We would use this while flying the C130s a lot, as you could balloon very quickly once you push flaps to 100.

Credit for finding this article goes to @Maxmustang for turning me on to boldmethod.


I don’t think you can use a forward slip on commercial airliners, instead I think they do something called “slam dunking”.

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When I try it, it is mostly on the C130.

I have no clue if you’re being serious or not with slam dunking. Lol

Not kidding it’s an actual maneuver used to rejoin the glideslope if too high.

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I actually use the wing low approach with airliners for crosswind, which technically is a forward slip. I usually have to use more throttle and gradually more positive trim as I get near the RWY, due to the drag/lift effect.

cough gimli glider cough


@TOGA. MaxSez: Let’s tackle the “Slam Dunk” & Crab/Slip;

“Slam Dunk” is an Approach Procedure, it does not apply to the “Crab” or “Slip” alignment procedure on final.

Crab/Slip are Alignment procedure normally used to align an incorrect glidepath or for cross or quartering wind correction performed by Rudder/Aileron Cross coordination which can be performed on any aircraft.

A “Slam Dunk” final approach procedure and is performed whereupon the airplane intercepts the ILS from above (perfect technique), instead of from below.

Just Sayin, Max

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