Too fast ATC response

Once I was flying on the advanced server and I was told decend to 3500 but I was going 260 kts I was slowing down and I was told please follow instructions we should have something to tell them we need to slow down I forgot to add the ATC said slow down to 210 kts

Just raise your VS instead.

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I had to go down I was at 11,000

10 kts is pretty easy to loose in 1,000 ft


You’ll loose 10 kts within seconds you can easily continue your descend.

I was in a 777-300ER

Also the wind was at the angle that makes you go faster slightly

and deploy the Spoilers.

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I did that

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The ATC was being inpatient

Decrease your vertical speed, set spoilers to flight, extend flaps, 10 knots is nothing.

If you raise your VS to -400ft (+ spoilers) you’ll definetely lose 10 kts within seconds.


Try slowing down to at least 240 or below when you start descending.


That’s what I was doing

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So let’s ask this question how far away where you upon contact with approach?

50NM but I was at risk of being reported

You were told to decend to 3500 ft 50 miles out? Who was the controller?


Try to anticipate your next moves. If you’re on approach at FL110 knowing that ATC will be soon be instructing you to descend below FL100 then go ahead and get your speed down below 250kts…that way you don’t have to wait to lower your speed before starting descent.


I think the solution is to make the ATC tell you to reduce your speed before telling you to descend

The pilot knows how to fly the plane better than ATC. The pilot in command should know how to anticipate the descent.