Too close for comfort

So i finished my flight from Honolulu to New York with my triple and i pulled in to the gate with only 1000lbs of fuel left. Whewww!! I thought i was going to dump it into the ocean. Maybe next time a tad more fuel!


Geez that is wayyy too close for comfort, speedrun to get demoted from long haul at any airline 🤣

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That is close but what if you deploy landing gear 12 seconds before touchdown 😈

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I landed my A350 with around 3 mins of fuel once from ATL-PHX. My closest so far

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You can actually wait until right before you land to do this, in this game as long as “Gear” is orange you’re safe to land even if it’s not deployed.

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i’m trying this now.

simulator ☝️ 🤓


Also i was running infinite passenger so i had to put my gear down before 2500