Too close for Comfort

I was doing a flight from JFK to DEL and I got a very close takeoff.

777-200lr (Air India)
13hrs 45min


RIP 💀😂
I don’t wanna be in that flight


didn’t tail strike though and landing was alr

I don’t think you had enough power/speed for rotation which caused that or not enough flaps


This can be a factor
Also, nice near miss 👌🏻

im really not sure what happened, i had flaps and was going about 140 knots

The 77W is a long aircraft so you can’t pitch up too much on takeoff.

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Uhh, I don’t think that’s supposed to happen. 😂

One word: WOW

Guys, this is called Skill.

Hope you had a nice flight ❤️.


F in the chat lmao

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This was a 200-LR, Not a 300/300-ER

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Chances are you weight was higher than you thought so your rotation speed (V1) should have been greater than 140 knots. If that isn’t the case, your vertical speed may have been too high for the initial climb.

Near miss! +100 points!

Ooh that would’ve been bad if it was just one millimeter more. Though, since it didn’t hit, that would’ve actually been quite exciting.

this hurts me 😂😭

Too slow for such a long flight! That’s why the plane wouldn’t lift off the runway, causing the near tailstrike.