Too Bright Airplanes

I see this thing always more often and in my opinion it isn’t so realistic, because in real life airplanes aren’t so bright like in IF, they look like mirrors or very smooth soaps!

[I took this photo from @Infinite_Flight on Instagram page]

So I think that the Airplanes’ graphics should be change and we will have more realistic planes!

[This isn’t a “Features” request because I simply reported this unrealistic thing!]

That is an edited screenshot purposely made to be bright.


Yes, Exactly!


I’ve requested something which solves this:

I actually like the shiny effect on the planes. When you’re up close to a real plane, even a dirty one, there is actually still shine.


Yes but when you are away from a plane it isn’t a soap

Does it really matter if the planes are too bright?
Remember this is a sim not IRL. Turn your screen brightness down if you don’t like it!
Devs are busy with global to worry about small little things like this.

It isn’t a matter, I only think that it isn’t so realistic

Weathering would be kinda cool, but I still think the planes in the sim look great as is.

nobody will notice if I use HDR to exaggerate my point, he thought, while editing the image

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