Too big to land

11,000 feet runway. N a 777 can’t land there. Like how? Smh.

What airport is it?

11.000ft should be more than enough for a 777 to land.

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Are you flying into a FNF airport?

You are probably not doing the correct procedures if you can’t land a 777 on an 11,000 foot runway.

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The question continues of where are you trying to land at? If you are trying to land at the FNF airport then it was stated in the notam that heavy’s would not be allowed there.

If its another airport - then there’s likely reasoning behind the procedure :)


Be more specific when starting a discussion so people can actually help you


I don’t need help

I’m not the one flying the 777

Yes I am but not in a 777

Can you restate your post? Are you asking a question or making a comment?

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Based on the fact that you say 11,000ft runway and UEEE has a runway just about that size I’d assume that’s what you are talking about. There’s an event going on and traffic is restricted to narrow bodies. More info found below:


I remember a while back the airport would have a notice “Current aircraft restricted “ did that prompt go away during a past update ?

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Wanted to also ask because I wanted to fly from Taiping to UEEE with an A330 is that a heavy aircraft ?

You’re going to have to be a bit more specific. Was it a Friday Night Flight and what was the airport?

A330 is considered heavy. You’ll have to divert to a different airport.


If your going to post, actually post with a meaning and proper explanation. Not just a post saying “777 11,000 feet smh”, because then we can’t help you

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Let’s give the OP time to respond.


I’m with @anon41771314 on this: please write a post with a complete story and proper English words, so we all now what you’re trying to tell us.