Too big buttons.

Well I have big buttons on My device. So i cant play very well this game. Please can you help me?

Well hopeful you will see my screenshots.

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have you got a screenshot of IF



Let me guess…android?

Maybe. I guess it becouse my bro can play it normally

Well than…known issue on some android devices, sadly no resolving for that at the moment…
You could try to toogle some settings of your phone,
Also in app manager, disable large icons( if enabled)

😢 i dont have equipped it button

Have you tried turning down screen resolution in the graphics settings?

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No i I try it quicly

It doesnt work

What model/generation is your Android? The reason why the buttons are too big is the size of your Android and/or its model. Correct me if I’m wrong, if you have a small Android, then the buttons are big. IF doesn’t run very well on some Androids.

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