Toncontin is insane

As most people know, the Approach into Honduras’ famous Tegucigalpa airport is quite ridiculous. I have never flown to this airport before and thought it would be fun today as a new year celebration. I nearly crashed and overran, but by some miracle got the Center line perfect. An absolutely thrilling approach which I will definitely do again.

Flight info: Training server, American A319, Route: KMIA - MHTG
Flight time: 1hr 56mins

Just before making the turn to the runway

Just starting my turn!

At this point I thought I was going to crash

Cockpit view (looks ridiculous 😂)

A nice shot I got of the landing!


Wow! I love when planes do a turn last minute on a difficult approach!:D Well done!:)

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Thanks! I’ve always wanted to do this approach, I never thought it was this hard haha

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Ha ha! Good one!🙂😊 I’m an expert at paro’s airport to turn last second! It’s amazing!:)

Ah yes paro! I haven’t done that yet, hats off to you for being able to pull it off!

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Aww thanks! You should try it! It does take a bit of practice though!;)

I’m pretty sure you’ll nail it in a few tries!:D

Yeah we will see! I’ll definitely try it soon, it’s an amazing airport

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Yeah! Deffo!

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Done this a couple times - first time completely bottled it beyond belief, second time nailed it.

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