tomthetank ATC Tracking/Q&A Thread

Welcome to my ATC Tracking/Q&A Thread!

This thread is a little bit different from some other tracking threads – as I’m not going through training, the focus of this thread is to open a line of communication with pilots. If you have a question as to why I do something when I’m controlling, want to discuss strategies, or anything else, this is the place!

A couple ground rules to keep things organized:

  • This thread is for questions only. Any requests for service or posts meant to act as ATC comms will be disregarded and flagged.
  • I’ll answer questions as soon as I can, but providing quality service is still the #1 priority. This means in most cases, any questions will be answered after my session is completed.
  • Please let me have first crack at any questions. Even if a question seems to have a very clear answer straight from the rules, there may be other factors that I’m considering as the controller.
  • If you have a complaint about service or a complaint regarding a ghosting/report, please send me a PM. I’m happy to discuss these, but this thread should be kept as a place for questions and education.
  • Lastly, please keep things civil. Whether you’re interacting with me or another user, negative remarks will not be tolerated.

I look forward to answering your questions and interacting with you all as pilots in this new way. See you in the infinite skies!

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What a good idea! I hope that those with questions about IFATC ops will look to this thread and ask!

Nice idea. I’m curious :)

@Joseph_Krol @Lars thanks guys! Hopefully this can be an extra line of communication between myself as a controller and pilots! It’ll be nice to demistify the decisions controllers make.


I am interested to see what people are wondering about! Great idea Tom!

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Very good idea! I will use your feedbacks for studying too!

I’m looking forward for the feedbacks!

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SkyWest 196 here. Just wanted to say sorry for getting heading 090 and 270 mixed up out of JFK (long day) and thanks for being a cool guy and showing restraint with the ban hammer 😂

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