TomTheFlyer’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]@ N / A

yep, forgot to clear you to land, ik my mistake was supposed sequence you and then clear you to land after you said go around.

I full stopped bc I need to refuel . will take back off soon

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sorry i have to go eat

i’ll be on after i get back, idk if you guys will be around but thank you all for coming 😊 much appreciated


You nailed what you have to work on for mostly everything. Just remember transitions. Altitude MSL should have been 3,000 ft MSL which is = to 57 ft (Aerodrome Level) + 1,500 (turbojet/turbofan pattern altitude) + 1,000 (spacing) rounded up to the nearest 500. You said 4,000 , but try this next time ;).

Also please forget when I accidentally Tokyo Driftied off of Runway 5R in an F14 and immediatly flipped over and crashed :/ . I think your runway exit command was on time btw.

thank you will keep it in mine 😁, don’t worry abt the exiting runway,

will open again, this time @KALB

Opening again @KALB

closing in about ten minutes if no one shows up 😄, will be open tmw also stop by if you’ll like :)

Opening @KALB, Feel free to stop by

Which runways are in use right now?

8 for patterns

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I was N813EK and I have couple of things to report…

  • Nothing :)

Good controlling…

Thank you for the service and have a good day!

😂 thank you for coming, have a great day yourself also :)

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I’ve looked at previous feedback for you and you seem like you corrected your mistakes :)

That’s pretty good.

yes. thank you, been working on the stuff they’ve told me 😉

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im coming (word limit)

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@KALB is closed, will be on hopefully later tonight. thank you to all who came ✌🏻🙂

Open @KFAT , feel free to stop by 🙂 doing my written soon.

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Hello Tom! My call sign was, “N95NQ,” and I gave you some pattern work practice and you did pretty well. I timestamped both suggestions I have so you can go back to it in your replay video. Here are my two suggestions:

  1. When I requested a change to runway 29L, you instructed me to enter right base. Since I was on right downwind, you should of instructed me to enter right downwind instead. Just because I was already on right downwind doesn’t mean that you can’t use the same command again for a runway change (00:58:54).

  2. I noticed that you instructed the previous pilot, “N77RF,” that he was number two, traffic to follow was on right downwind, which was me. He was on pattern to runway 29R. If you remembered, I got my runway changed to runway 29L. So he should of been number 1 to his runway instead since I wasn’t going to the same runway as N77RF (00:59:32).

Other than that, you are great! Keep up the great work! Glad to help out! :)