TomTheFlyer’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]@ N / A

Come by and do some patterns or short hauls, will be open for a little bit on training server to get some practice in. ✌🏻

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Hi! Will drop by in about 5-10 mins. Callsign ROBRO.

🤙🏻 thank you

Staying open much longer? I’ll stop in if you are!

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@Shane yessir open rn

Thanks for the service @Tommy ! Pretty much flawless controlling. Unofrtunatly, I had to go, so I couldn’t stay for touch-and-gos,

Only have one comment:

Try to aim your runway exit command near when an aircraft decelerates to about 50-70 kts. 30 kts was a tad late.

Otherwise, pretty flawless! I liked how you gave me a nice and early clearance for the option! Feel free to tag me next time when you open, ;)

thanks for coming, ik i bit too late, didn’t know if you would speed up or not, thanks for the advice 😄

Standby for feedback, I’ll PM it to you. ;)

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i’m back open again, stop by if you’ll like. feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

last chance, for about ten more minutes, if no one comes i’ll close 🤙🏻😄

Closed, may be on later if anyone wants to come 👋🏻

damnit i saw your post i just wasnt home

no problem @Saharsh will be open later tonight if you wanna stop by

Ill be flying later tonight but next time you are open just @me

will do, i’ll just do it on Slack

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Open again at NZAA

I can drop by now with the same callsign as before. Hopefull can stay for some touch-n-goes.

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I’ll stop by! N231ZB

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thank you guys 😄


lol that was an anti climactic ending to my flight. Anyways, pretty good controllin. Just 2 things.

1). Transition Alt. should have been 3,000 because you just round up 2,527 by a hundred.

2). Didn’t get clearences to land multiple times.

Will explain in depth later, I gtg see you next time!