TomTheFlyer’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Open at NZAA on training server, just trying to get better at ATC, if you have time it would be nice to stop by, pattern work is allowed :) open not for long but a little :)

I’ll be there. N25513

Thanks mate :)

how am i doing?

Alright! There is some stuff that you can improve on and other things that are good…

Your pushback and taxi instructions were both good, along with the duplicate frequency change. Further, your exit runway command and taxi to parking were both on spot.

Tower, Takeoff/Pattern 1:
When an aircraft is “remaining in the pattern” there is no need to give a pattern instruction, unless they are going to a different runway. Also, when clearing an aircraft for the option, right/left traffic is only used when a new runway is given, inbound aircraft remaining in the pattern, and a missed approach.

Tower, Pattern 2:
During this pattern, I climbed to an unusual altitude. If you recall, I climbed to 4000ft, while the pattern for jets should be around 1500-1600ft at NZAA. In this case, the appropriate message to an aircraft would descend to pattern altitude. Also, when you cleared me for the option on my upwind, there is no need to use right/left traffic. Finally, when I told you I was going around there is no need for the extend upwind command and right/left traffic.

Tower, Pattern 3:
If an aircraft announces that they are executing a missed approach, replying with going around isn’t needed. In the event that a pilot does announce executing a missed approach, the correct response would be as follows:

Pilot: Executing missed approach, N25513
Tower: N25513, Pattern instruction, Runway XX
Pilot: *Pattern instruction, Runway XX, N25513
Tower: N25513, Number _, Runway XX, cleared for the option, make left/right traffic
N25513, Number _, Runway XX, cleared to land

Pilot: Number _, Runway XX…

I highly highly recommend going through the IFATC tutorials on their Youtube channel. Not only are they helpful but they present situations that you may have not thought of/experienced before. Other than that, good job! I can’t wait to see you on the IFATC team. 🙃

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Thanks bro i appreciate it, still learning a little and will focus on those things 🤙🏻

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Might want to check this out, 😉 NZAA only has one runway.

Also remember to change your title to @ N/A I did it for you this time.

Alright thanks I’ll have to study a little and learn more, thank you for your time, I hope to open back up again tmw, sorry for my mistakes ✌🏻🍻Cheers

Thanks, ive never been through that scenario when an aircraft didn’t say “SACO99 is on final runway 05R” so i said say intentions in confusion, Sorry

ohhh, okay thanks

This is not true.

“Turn base” and “enter left base” are two different things. “Turn base” is used to control the pattern. It instructs the pilot to turn base when they are on downwind. “Enter left base” is a pattern entry, only to be used when an aircraft is receiving a new runway assignment.

This is a reason but not the only use of reporting position. Another scenario you’ll encounter is when an aircraft is cleared for the option, they may report their position stating they are “full stop” meaning they’ll be doing a full stop landing.

This is not good advice, it’s generally a good idea not to give specific advice like this. That’s way too late to issue an exit command. You can issue an exit command when the aircraft is at a safe speed, below 80knts for airliners. If they report full stop then you know you can send it, you’ll just need to watch the aircraft to see if they continue to slow below 80knts.

This is not true. You would not issue a pattern entry, you’d tell the aircraft to go around. You’re also remaining in the pattern so you’re not on an instrument approach, why would you announce missed approach?

Opening back up at NZAA for a little :) Training server all are welcome

im on my way

Reopening at NZAA 😃 stop by and do some patterns, feedback is greatly appreciated ✈️✌🏻

Hello, I have not done this in a while I have been busy with Daily life,school, and soccer. I will open at KPHX for a little bit, come by for patterns or fly short flights from for example KTUS - KPHX. Starting right now

if anyone can help me it won’t let me edit my title :( i’m guessing bc i haven’t been on here in so long

Feel free to flag this for closure and start a new one. :)

Okay will do :) although no one came except for people on training server I think I did everything alright 😂