Tomorrows ATC schedule

Will their be IFATC at KORD tommorow? It’s highlighted. Their is also no hub

Once all the other hubs are open it is possible.


Once everything listed in the ATC schedule, atc can choose to open any airport in the highlighted region. But considering there are 8+ featured airports, I doubt it will end up being opened. So don’t count on there being atc active if you are planning a long haul or something.

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This should be in ATC catogory.

Hey there here this weeks ATC schedule

And also the FNF is to be announced go to @infiniteflight in instagram to keep track of latest info .

So do you guys post which airports will have active ATC in the expert server so we can flight in and out?
What is the purpose of these schedules if someone doesn’t mind explaining it to me.

Thanks brothers!

Tyler will post a schedule at the beginning of each week which will have featured airports for each day. Each day starts at 0600Z and IFATC can only open the featured airports and once they are all staffed, they can then choose any airport in the highlighted region. Sometimes there could be an IFATC at home where they open their home airports.


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