(Tomorrow) Arabian Gateway of Dubai Fly out and Fly in - @ OMDB 240700ZAPR20

Calling all AV Geeks and Emirates Fan Boys!

Hi guys, we take you to one of the worlds most popular airports in aviation history. Dubai International Airport is the home of Emirates and handles over 200,000 passengers daily to get all of them to get to their destination safely.

Time: 0700Z
Server: Expert
Date 24th April

Notams: No Pattern Work Allowed
Please Request Pushback when the Event Starts
Please be there 5 Minutes before the Event Begins Latest
Please Respect UNICOM and ATC Rules

VA/VO Partnerships are appreciated, If your VA/VO wishes to sponsor please feel free to PM me.
If you wish to Control and Be ATC at the event please also feel free to PM me as I will be happy to talk.

Note that GA Gates you can choose any aircraft, airline and destination
Please Let Me Know if you wish to change your gate

A Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
A1 Emirates A380 EGLL @Hamza_Javed
A2 Emirates A380 WSSS
A3 Qantas A380 YSSY
A4 Emirates A380 VTBS @anto_agricola
A5 Emirates A380 VTBS @BANDAR_HZ1BSH
A6 Qantas A380 YMML
A7 Emirates A380 EGKK
A8 Emirates A380 EDDM
A9 Emirates A380 LFPG
A10 Emirates A380 LIRF @Harish_P_Selkey
A11 Emirates B777 WMKK
A12 Emirates B777 OIIE
A13 Emirates A380 RJAA @Raquis
A14 Emirates A380 RJBB
A15 Emirates A380 KLAX
A16 Emirates A380 KJFK @PocketRishi
A17 Emirates A380 KORD
A18 Emirates A380 KSFO @RileyBozina
A19 Emirates A380 CYYZ
A20 Emirates A380 CYVR @Anthony_Barlis
A21 Emirates A380 SBRJ
A22 Qantas A380 EGLL @Eduardo_Araujo
A23 Emirates A380 EGCC @Dreadjack888
A24 Emirates A380 EGSS @Charlieab29
B Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
B1 Fly Dubai B737 UAAA
B2 Emirates B777 VIDP @MJMN
B3 Emirates A380 EDDF
B4 Emirates B777 LSZH
B5 Emirates B777 HECA
B6 Emirates B777 DTAA
B7 Emirates B777 GMMN
B8 Emirates B777 YPPH
B9 Emirates B777 ESSA
B10 Emirates B777 EIDW
B11 Emirates B777 EGPF
B12 Emirates B777 EDDH
B13 Emirates B777 YPAD
B14 Emirates A380 YMML via WSSS
B15 Emirates A380 NZAA @Cpt_Zorndy
B16 Emirates A380 NZCH via YSSY
B17 Emirates A380 EHAM
B18 Emirates B777 ENGM
B19 Emirates B777 UUDD
B20 Fly Dubai B737 EFHK
B21 Emirates B777 FACT
B22 Emirates B777 HKJK
B23 Emirates B777 DNMM
B24 Emirates B777 ULLI
B25 Fly Dubai B737 LYBE
B26 Emirates B777 LYBE
B27 Emirates B777 RJTT
B28 Emirates B777 VTSP
B29 Fly Dubai B737 VTSG via VYYY
B30 Fly Dubai B737 UUDD
B31 Fly Dubai B737 VTBS
B32 Fly Dubai B737 UTTT
C Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
C1 Gulf Air A320 OBBI
C2 Saudia A320 OERK
C3 Finnair A350 EFHK
C4 Emirates A330 VIDP @raoul_butler
C5 Thai Airways A330 VTBS @Udeme_Ekpo
C6 Ural Airlines A320 USCC
C7 S7 Airlines A319 UNNT @SahyaQFFlyer
C8 UIA Airlines B737-900 UKBB
C9 Yamal Airlines A320 USTR
C10 Singapore Airlines A350 WSSS
C11 Cathay Pacific B777 VHHH
C12 Cebu Pacific A330 RPLL
C13 Philiphine Airlines A330 RPLL
C14 British Airways DC-10 EGKK
C15 Iran Air B747 OIIE
C16 Qeshm Air A320 OIIE
C17 Emirates B777 OIIE
C18 Mahan Air A340 OIIE
C19 Norwegian B789 EKCH
C20 Emirates B777 FVRG
C21 Emirates B777 OLBA
C22 Emirates B777 EBBR
C23 Emirates B777 MMMX @Tyler_Barley
C24 Emirates B777 UTDD
C25 Virgin Atlantic A340 EGLL
C26 Air France B78X LFPG
C27 Fly Dubai B737 UTDD
C28 Fly Dubai B737 VTBS
C30 Turkmenistan Airlines B777 UTAA
C31 Air China B789 ZBAA
C32 Emirates B777 ZBAD
C33 Fly Dubai B737 LTFJ
C34 Fly Dubai B737 UCFM
C35 Fly Dubai B737 OOMS
C36 Qatar Airways A320 OTHH
C37 Emirates B777 OTHH
C38 Oman Air A320 OOMS
C39 Ethopian Airlines B788 HAAB
C40 Emirates B777 HAAB
C41 Emirates B777 SAEZ
C42 Indigo A320 VECC
C43 Indigo A320 VAAH
C44 Transavia B757 EHAM
C45 Emirates B777 VECC @indraniel
C46 Emirates B777 VCBI
C47 Turkish Airlines A350 LTBA
C48 Lufthaunsa A330 EDDF
C50 Korean Air A330 RKSI
D Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
D2 Air India B777 VIDP
D3 Nepal Airlines A320 VNKT
D4 Royal Jordanian B788 OJAI
D5 Emirates B777 KJFK @BritishAirways001
D6 Emirates B777 OPKC
D7 Royssia B777 UUWW
D8 Pobeda B737 UUWW
D9 Sichuan Airlines B789 ZUUU
D10 Spicejet B737-900 VIDP
Remote Stands
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
RMS C18 Emirates B777 LTBA
RMS C19 Emirates B777 FAOR
RMS C20 Emirates B777 FSIA
RMS C21 Emirates B777 EDDF
RMS C22 Emirates B777 OIIE
RMS C23 Emirates B777 OOMS
RMS C24 Emirates B777 WSSS
RMS C25 Emirates B777 YPPH
RMS C26 Emirates B777 EGNT
RMS C27 Emirates B777 EIDW
RMS C28 Emirates B777 YBBN
RMS C29 Emirates B777 VVTS
RMS C30 Emirates B777 LFLL
RMS C31 Emirates B777 EBBR
RMS C32 Emirates B777 LCLK
RMS C34 Emirates B777 OIIE
RMS C35 Virgin Atlantic A340 EGLL
RMS C36 Fly Dubai B737 URMM
RMS C37 Fly Dubai B737 OIIE
RMS C38 Fly Dubai B737 OETB
RMS C39 Fly Dubai B737 VOCI
RMS C40 Fly Dubai B737 OIMM
RMS C41 Fly Dubai B737 HECA
RMS C42 Fly Dubai B737 HSPN
RMS C43 Fly Dubai B737 OEAB
RMS C44 Fly Dubai B737 LIRN
RMS C45 Fly Dubai B737 UDYZ
RMS C46 Fly Dubai B737 HTKJ
RMS C47 Fly Dubai B737 ORSU @Alexian61
RMS E04 Fly Dubai B737 OPMT
RMS E05 Fly Dubai B737 VABB
RMS E06 Fly Dubai B737 OEGS
RMS E07 Fly Dubai B737 UUDD
RMS E08 Emirates B777 LEMD
RMS E09 Fly Dubai B737 UKOO
RMS E10 Fly Dubai B737 OEGS
RMS E11 Fly Dubai B737 UWKD
RMS E12 Fly Dubai B737 OEGS
RMS E13 Fly Dubai B737 LQSA @Igor_M
RMS G01 Emirates B777 LOWW
RMS G02 Emirates B777 VABB @Harish_P_Selkey
RMS G03 Emirates B777 RJBB
RMS G04 Emirates B777 YMML
RMS G05 Emirates B777 LIMC
RMS G06 Delta A350 KATL
RMS G07 Emirates B777 RJTT
RMS G08 Emirates B777 WSSS
RMS G09 Emirates A380 WSSS
RMS G10 Singapore Airlines B777 WSSS
RMS G11 Emirates B777 LGAV
RMS G12 Egypt Air B737 HECA
RMS G13 Emirates B777 LCLK
RMS G14 Cebu Pacific B737 RPLL
RMS G15 Emirates B777 RPVM
RMS G16 Emirates A330 VIDP
RMS G17 Saudia B777 OERK @Naif_Shokr
RMS G18 Fly Dubai B737 LGAV
RMS G19 Fly Dubai B737 UUWW
RMS G20 Emirates A380 YBBN
RMS G21 United B78X KIAD
RMS G22 Aeroflot B737-900 UUEE @Dmitriy_GL
RMS Q01 Air Seychelles A330 FSIA
RMS Q02 Mahan Air A340 OIMM
RMS Q03 Spice Jet B737-900 VABB
RMS Q04 Indigo A320 VABB
RMS Q05 Finnair B757-200 EFHK
RMS Q06 Vistara B737-800 VABB
RMS Q07 Vistara A320 VIDP
RMS Q08 Emirates B777 SGBR
RMS Q09 Emirates B777 VOHS
RMS Q10 Emirates B777 VNKT
RMS Q11 Emirates B777 EDDM
RMS E44L Emirates B777 LIRF
RMS E44 Emirates B777 LFPG
RMS E44R Emirates B777 ESSA
RMS E445L China Southern B789 ZWWW
RMS E445 Emirates B777 OTHH
RMS E445R Qatar A320 OTHH
RMS E43 Qatar A350 OTHH
RMS S01 Emirates B777 VTBS
RMS S02 Emirates B777 VTSP
RMS S03 Aeroflot B777 UUEE
RMS S04 Fly Dubai B737 HCMH
RMS S05 Fly Dubai B737 URKK
RMS S06 Qatar A350 OTHH
RMS S07 Emirates B777 YSSY
RMS S08 Fly Dubai B737 LROP
RMS S09 Fly Dubai B737 OAKB
RMS S10 Emirates B777 WMKK
RMS S11 Thai Airways B777 VTBS
RMS S12 Emirates B777 UUDD
RMS S13 Emirates B777 WADD
RMS S14 Air France A350 LFPG
RMS S15 Air Astana A320 UAAA
GA Stands
GA Gate Airline Aircraft Origin User
GA E30
GA E31
GA E32
GA E33
GA E34
GA E35
GA E36
GA E37
GA E38

Inbound Flights

Inbound Arrivals
Arrival Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User

If you have any Inquiries, Questions and or VA/VO event sponsorship please feel free to PM me as I am happy to have a discussion or if you wanna say hi I will be happy to talk to you.

See You In The Sky!



Can I please have this gate?

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@SahyaQFFlyer Ok I’ve signed myself up see me there lol

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@The_Real_Plane_Spott I’ve put your gate on Priority Waitlist

Thank you so much! You have been so kind. I will make sure I PM you tomorrow about my schedule so I can be sure I can make it. Goodnight!

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You seem to have mixed up Concourse A and C, the operators of those terminals should be swapped.


@Altaria55 Thank you for letting me know. Now my event will be improved because of your help

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B13 Emirates B777 YPAD
Can I please have this gate?

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@SahyaQFFlyer Hi again! I am attending another event at 12:00 PST the same day, so the Emirates flight probably wont work, but I can take the gulf air to Muscat if that is O.K with you.

Can I have D5 to ojai

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Ok that’s all good I’ll change ur gate

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Thank you!

You put me in the wrong gate I asked for d5 can it be changed please

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Ok sure I’ll do that

@BritishAirways001 @The_Real_Plane_Spott @Udeme_Ekpo
You have all been signed up

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Thanks! Which one is my gate? I forgot.

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D5 Emirates 777 to OJAI Amman

Uhhhhh… That is @BritishAirways001

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Can I get this one please?

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Ok @Alexian61 i have signed you up see u there

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