TOMORROW 24MAY20 / 1700Z - The Low Fare Airline Fly out @KMDW

Can I please have this?

Yea the gate was just messed up

Yup sure no problem

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can i take gate a10?

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Oh your all good

Hi there - May I have a gate to Dallas on a 737-800?


Please excuse my newbie mentality, but how can I join this event? I am interested in flying with the rest of you and would like to be more involved with the community.

So find a flight you want to do with Southwest (example: MDW to MEM 737-8) let me know what you want I will get you a gate

Yup no problem

Anymore gates to be added?

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Name a destination you want. I will add. it can be any destination southwest flies to

Buffalo in the 700

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Roger. Will be added shortly :)

Sorry for the stupid question but what time will this be EST?

KMDW to KCHS 737-800 please

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May 24 and I’m pretty sure 1 PM EST

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Done thanks for signing up ;)

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Hi! Curious to know if you will be adding more gates? Sounds like a fun event!

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Hi! Thanks for you interest in joining… gates will be added when requested. So please tell me any Southwest Airlines destination and aircraft and I will add it in :)

Ok… well I would like to fly KMDW - KDEN 737-8, not sure what gate I can have, but I’ll take what is available

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