TOMORROW 24MAY20 / 1700Z - The Low Fare Airline Fly out @KMDW

I’ve noticed that Midway doesn’t get much love in this game. I understand people on Expert Server like to fly where ATC is, but still Midway isn’t a very known airport. I’m going to host this event called “More to Love.” Midway is a hub for Southwest and More to Love is one of Southwest’s slogans. More information below!

This event will be held on Expert Server

The event is started at KMDW

I ask that everyone is at their gate by 17:00Z the Event start

Chicago Midway International Airport, typically referred to as Midway Airport, Chicago Midway, or simply Midway, is a major commercial airport on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, located eight miles from the Loop. Established in 1927, Midway served as Chicago’s primary airport until the opening of O’Hare International Airport in 1955. Today, Midway is the second-largest airport in Chicago metropolitan area and the state of Illinois, serving 20,844,860 passengers in 2019.[3] Traffic is currently dominated by low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines; Chicago is Southwest’s largest focus city

Source: Wikipedia

Gate Destination Livery Aircraft Attendant
A9 Orlando Southwest 737-800 @Anthony_Williams
A10 Baltimore Southwest 737-800 @GameBoy_KIRB
A11 Omaha Southwest 737-800 @cptlogue
A12 Salt Lake City Southwest 737-700 @RoBroStar
A13 Memphis Southwest 737-800 @Delta07
A14 Boston Southwest 737-700 @Sam73628
A15 Orlando Southwest 737-800 @ORD777flyer
A16 Phoenix Southwest 737-800 @WheelerAviation
A17 Minneapolis Southwest 737-700 @Owen_Fask
A18 Jacksonville Southwest 737-800 @Captain_Finland
A19 Austin Southwest 737-700 @philippine217
A20 Milwaukee Southwest 737-7 @JarrettFlies
B3 Tampa Southwest 737-7 @ATCEthan
B4 Mexico City Volaris 737 Generic @Delta23
B8 Dallas Southwest 737-8 @Captain_T_Malone
B10 Buffalo Southwest 737-7 @Zak_Plant
B12 Charleston Southwest 737-8 @newbie427
B14 Denver Southwest 737-8 @AmtrakEngineerDEN
B16 Austin Southwest 737-8 @anon38496261
B18 Fort Lauderdale Southwest 737-7 @Pingu
B19 Austin Southwest 737-8 @Pilot_Felix
B20 Washington Southwest 737-8 @ToasterStroodie
B21 Dallas Southwest 737-8 @Joseph.Barnett
B22 Tampa Southwest 737-7 @Airforce1095
B23 Las Vegas Frontier A320
B24 St. Louis Southwest 737-8 @United2
B25 Denver Frontier A320 @CaptainZac
B26 Dallas Southwest 737-8 @Mr_yellow

More gates will be added if needed. If you want a specific route please request it and it will be added!


Ok I’ll see if it works

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Sorry I keep changing actually I will keep MCO

Ok thanks for coming!

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Hey, you are probably using an IOS device. You need 3 small dashes, but if you type 2 dashes without spacing between them, it would change it for a long dash
Edit: copy what @dca.iad.aviation wrote

| Gate | Destination | Livery | Aircraft | Attendant |
| A10 | Baltimore | Southwest | 737-800 |
| A11 | Omaha | Southwest | 737-800 |
| A12 | Kansas City | Southwest | 737-700 |
| A14 | Boston | Southwest | 737-700 |
| A15 |Orlando | Southwest | 737-800 |
| A16 | Phoenix | Southwest | 737-800 |
| A17 | Minneapolis | Southwest | 737-700 |
| A18 | San Diego | Southwest | 737-800 |
| A19 | Austin|Southwest | 737-700 |
| A3 | Mexico City | Volaris | A320 |

Copy that, it should work


Much appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to make that!

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you wrote gat ;)


Is the event today?

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No May 24 is the date


Very noice. If I can make it, I’ll sign up.

Perhaps a good title would be “More to Luv” to avoid confusion between Alaska Airlines 😂

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Yup no problem

I will take this gate

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Ok will do

Sorry for the inconvenience but can I have a flight to Milwaukee? It’s one of Southwest’s shortest flights.

It’s fine. I’m open to suggestions! I’ll add it

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I love Midway! Great topic!


Would you like a gate?

I’d love too, but I’m unavailable that day. Have fun!

I think that’s Alaska.