Tomorrow! [12 Attending] TAIPEI Flyout @ RCTP - 151300ZDEC19

No problem.

Thank you! It’s technically not my birthday where I live for another 2 hours and 30 mins.

Well happy early birthday then.

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China Airlines 9028 at any gate will be ready to take off to VHHH. Nice initiative. See you guys there

What aircraft will you fly with? @Thiago_Silva

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Any gate, Air China 167, b777-300er to Los Angeles

Hi! B777 will be my aircraft for that flight

Correction China Airlines not Air China, Air China operates from Beijing.

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Thank you very much

Hello… the One and Only!! LegendaryRoro!!.. yeah, so… I would like to have Gate C3, thanks.

Airline: Singapore Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 787-10

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Hello @LegendaryRoro88, I would like to confirm with you that the aircraft I will be flying from RCTP (Taipei) to VHHH (Hong Kong) will be a Dragonair A321.

Ok changed it for you

20 days left until the event.

2 Weeks left until the event.

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Hye i am in for ths event

Aircraft :-skyteam at t-1
By my INDIA timing of 6:30pm
Pilot yash assigned to…

Sorry can you please tell me what is your aircraft, airline, and route you will be flying. @Imyash_Sharma

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Is there any no soecific routes ???

You need to tell me what route, aircraft, and airline you are flying. For example RCTP-VIDP China Airlines A330-300. @Imyash_Sharma Also please request a gate.