(Tomorrow) 10JUN20 / 1400Z - American Cowboy Flyout @KDFW

Dallas Fort Worth Flyout
Hosted by: @Ianuccelli @Chuck_Aviation
Dallas is located in Texas and is the 9th biggest city in the U.S. and 3rd biggest city in Texas, Dallas is home to many people and many teams. They are home to the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, Dallas FC, and many more. The word Super Bowl originated in Dallas and is one of the most notable things to hear and everyone knows what it is. As it is one of the most diverse cities in the nation it is home to many different cultures and people. It is also the location where Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed the 35th president of the U.S. John F. Kennedy. Dallas is the home to 7-Elleven as well as the nations biggest art district.



Dallas Fort Worth is the 4th biggest airport in the world and serves 5 out of 7 continents. It also has the 7th longests flight in the world as well as other ultra long haul routes to the Middle East, Asia, and New Zealand. As an American hub it has a lot of American gates for their flights. You can takeoff from Dallas Fort Worth and go to a place that is very different or similar to Dallas. The opportunities are endless. You can takeoff on a rainy day and end up in bright and sunny Hawaii.



Server: Expert
Spawn in 10 minutes before start time.

Gate Assignments
Terminal C
Gate Pilot Aircraft Airline Destination
C2 Open a321-200 American Miami
C4 Open 737-800 American Los Angeles
C6 @Cole_Papenhausen 737-800 American Chicago
C7 Open 737-800 American Sacramento
C8 Open a321-200 American Vancouver
C10 Open a321-200 American Boston
C11 Open a321-200 American Raleigh-Durham
C12 Open a321-200 American San Antonio
C14 @Udeme_Ekpo a321-200 American Palm Springs
C15 @ian_AV 737-800 American San Diego
C16 Open 737-800 American Cancún
C17 Open 737-800 American Denver
C19 Open a321-200 American Phoenix
C20 Open a321-200 American Pittsburgh
C21 Opem a321-200 American Richmond-320
C22 Open 737-800 American Fort Myers
C24 Open 737-800 American Las Vegas
C26 Open a320-200 American Philadelphia
C27 Open a320-200 American Hartford
C28 Open 737-800 American Atlanta
C29 Open a320-200 American New Orleans
C30 Open a320-200 American Indianapolis
C31 @Stellar_G 737-800 American WashingtonReagan
C33 Open a320-200 American Nashville
C35 Open a321-200 American Phoenix
C36 Open a320-200 American Tulsa
C37 Open a320-200 American Kansas City
C39 Open a320-200 American Baltimore
Terminal D
Gate Pilot Aircraft Airline Destination
D07 @ORD777flyer 777-200er American Honolulu
D11A @Pingu 777-200er American Kona
D14A Open 777-300er American Hong Kong
D16X @Infinite_Josh a380-800 Qantas Sydney
D18A @BritishAirways001 777-300er Emirates Dubai
D23 @LoneStarAviation 787-9 British London
D27A Open 787-9 Air New Zealand Auckland
D33 Open 777-300er American Tokyo Narita
D36 Open 777-200er Korean Seoul (Incheon)
Terminal E
Gate Pilot Aircraft Airline Destination
E2 Open CRJ-200 American Bloomington,IL
E4 Open 737-800 American Tucson,AZ
E5 Open CRJ-200 American Amarillo,TX
E6 Open 737-800 American Memphis,TN
E7 Open 737-800 American Kansas City,MO
E8 Open CRJ-200 American Jackson TN
E9 Open CRJ-900 American Cheyenne,WY
E10 Open 737-800 American Springfield/Branson,MO
E11 Open CRJ-200 American Midland,TX
E12 Open CRJ-900 American Oklahoma City,OK
E13 Open 737-800 American Jackson,MS
E14 Open 737-800 American Philadelphia,PN
E15 Open 737-800 American Colorado Springs,CO
E16 Open CRJ-200 American Montgomery,AL
E17 Open CRJ-200 American Champagne,IL
E18 Open 737-800 American Dayton,OH
E19 Open 737-800 American Indianapolis,ID
E20 Open CRJ-900 American Fayetteville,AR
E21 Open CRJ-200 American Tulsa,OK
E22 Open CRJ-900 American Asheville,NC
E23 Open CRJ-900 American Charleston,SC
E24 @Brody_Swiatek 737-800 American Norfolk,VA
E25 Open CRJ-200 American Knoxville,TN
E26 Open CRJ-900 American Charleston,WV
E27 Open 737-800 American Savannah,GA
E28 Open CRJ-200 American El Paso,TX
E29 Open CRJ-200 American Chattanooga,TN
E30 @prerb a321-200 American Chicago IL
E31 Open CRJ-200 American Wichita,KS
E32 Open CRJ-200 American Lexington,KY
E33 Open 737-800 American Phoenix,AZ
E34 @GBKarp 737-800 American Austin,TX

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Can I take D11A?

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oh ill out you down

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could i have e30 please

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e30? because there is none


to chicago with an a321

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oh what its out of order let me fix it and put you down

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ok sounds good thanks

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Can I have this one?

Can I get C31 to Reagan.


Guys, please just one of you… 😂😂

Air New Zealand doesn’t fly to DFW 🤨

I would join the flyout from my home but its too early :(

I live in Dallas. I would know :p

The route to Auckland pictured in the map in your original post has not begun yet, and will be operated by American Airlines.

No I know its supposed to begin later this year but In just included it. I wanted D to be more long haul and I wanted to include it

Then at least have American fly it, with the 787-9. Also, you forgot Japan Airlines.

I can’t do all because there all the gates I chose for D and one gate at A that can handle the 787 and 777. I also wanted to mix it up by having the Air new zeland because there are a lot of american gates already

That’s DFW for you. It’s a struggle. Last time I checked, 84% of all flights out of the airport were operated by American.

I live in Miami and i fly through dallas to go to asia and hawaii, and 3 terminals are American (Which i fly)

American operates out of all 5 terminals :)