Tommy’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

👋🏼 Would be great if anyone stops by, Tips & Advice appreciated.


Closed. thanks @Aviation2929 for coming out 🤙🏻

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Hi. i will open again for a little this morning. feel free to stop by 🤙🏻







30 Minutes


I can come by! :)

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Whoops, my game keeps crashing. Lemme do a quick restart.

Looks great love the Tracking thread!

tag me when you open later if u do I am in school and cant come now C:

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will do, probably will not be on later tonight but will be tomorrow hopefully

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I’ll stop by!

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Only feedback I have is that you forgot to sequence me one time when me and MJP were on 12L.

Other than that, you are all good! The go around could have been a bit earlier, but you caught it, so great job! You also corrected misclicks, so you’re good on that. @Tommy

If you wanted to, in the beginning, you could have cleared a bit later, but only if you want to.

You can also tag me when you open in the future, if you want to! :)

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thank you for coming out, sorry for not sequencing you. must’ve not saw that

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Hey there! You did great!

  • You gave a early exit runway command to ROBRO and 91 knots. Exit runway commands should be given out in between 70-40 knots.



On my display, he gave it at 74 kts gs. This is a minor thing, so do not worry too much about it.

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thank you :) i just knew his speed was going down fast so i did it a bit early. also good luck in IFAE :) you’ll make it

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Thank you!

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Hey Tommy! I was THE-STIG as I’m sure you figured out. I threw a lot of weird stuff at you and you handled it quite well, nicely done! Here’s my feedback.

Things to work on

  • When ROBRO and NAPC025 both requested runway changes, they had to wait a bit. Additionally after they asked instead of responding you went to me and cleared me for the option, even though I was only on crosswind. You should’ve tended to them first and then me; crosswind is pretty early for a clearance. Try and sequence on crosswind, clear on downwind.

  • I was on base and so was ROBRO and you gave him the correct pattern entry and sequence, but then you gave Mason the wrong sequence but then cleaned it up afterwards. Good job catching that but try to be little more proactive next time.

  • When me and ROBRO were on base, slowest practical speed for ROBRO wasn’t necessary imo, we ended up having good spacing. Nice thinking though.

  • Minor but you sequenced me on upwind and cleared on crosswind for my second patter, a wee bit early for my tastes. However both were correct so good job.

Good things

  • Good job catching my duplicate frequency change

  • Correct pattern entries for everyone as far as I heard

  • Good G/A call for Mason on ROBRO

  • Perfect runway exit command for me

  • Good job giving me adjust speed, I was too fast on downwind with Mason on base. Well spotted.

Overall very good session Tommy, hope to see you in IFATC soon! :D

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Thanks @Suhas , for the first 2 you said to work on i noticed but my wifi kept cutting out so i ltd was very frustrating and confusing 😂. i’ll work on those though. thank you for coming out :)

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No problem! Yeah I figured your wifi was buggin because it said you were offline and then online again haha

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yeah it was, repeating over and over. that’s when i got back online both Robro and NAPC. messages came in instantly 😂

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what do you guys recommend me working on? and where to get information for me to work on. @MJP_27 @RoBroStar @Suhas

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