Tommy_Botts’ ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I am practicing my atc skills to become ifatc

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Hey are you open now? if so let me know where :D

I am open at tncm

on tranning

Hey there, @Tommy_Botts!

Very cool that you’re interested in becoming IFATC.
I recommend using the thread provided below to improve your thread. 👍

Open at TNCM Tower hoping that people could fly some patterns

thanks for stopping by @Matevz_Treven

im not done yet :D

TNCM Closed

Thanks for controlling! :D

Here is what i noticed:

There was no need for immediate takeoff i was only aircraft miles around airport.
No need to give me traffic director after every touch and go.
When i landed there was no need for progresive taxi you could’ve just said backtaxi runway 10 exit runway when able :D

Anyways overall you did good job keep practicing and you will get better :)

i accidentally hit immediate takeoff

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