Tomjuul1996's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello everyone this is my new ATC tracking thread here is current stats;
Homeport: PDX
Current operations count: 2,749
Frequencies: tower & ground

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Hello everyone time for a brand new start with ATC sessions and to get a break from flying for my IFPAX airline, I’m open at ground and tower at PDX pattern work is encouraged and would appreciate help with sequencing!

If your still open, I’ll ce by in around 10 minutes 🙂

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What is the airport ICAO?

It is KPDX

Ok, thank you🙂

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Sorry my phone is about to go flat, if your still open once it’s charged then I will hop back in, your exit runway command was a bit early but other than that everything was good🙂

Also, make sure to check the runway you instruct me to cross first

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Yea I will still be open :)

@Tomjuul1996 how long will you stay open for?

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Well done. You did everything as expected. You were proactive and you had a plan for every movement. Keep the good work up!

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Hello everyone I’m open at PDX come on by hoping to do a stress test on # of Aircraft being handled

Hello everyone I am open at Portland International airports for a short time please stop on by as I am practicing my sequence work and pattern work

Switching to KSAN

I’ll be flying in from Tijuana and doing some touch and goes in a a320

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Now closed everyone