Tomjuul1996's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello everyone my previous tracking thread stopped allowing me to edit title here are my current stats; Current username/ callsign: IFC-Tomjuul1996 / N705AR (or any airline-996)

Operation count: 2,434
Location: KPDX
server: Training server
Frequencies: KPDX ground and tower Open: Zulu time 03:30 - 0


Good evening everyone I’m trying somewhere different tonight as I will be open at ground and tower at KPHX come stop on by!

Good afternoon everyone I’m back open in the great PNW at PDX stop on by


is on the way


Made some pretty sharp approaches lol

yep ahaha. Just more examples on how I suck at flying.

Everything was good though.

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Lol you don’t suck at flying thanks for stopping by!

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I just stopped by in the 172 and wanted to give you a short feedback ;)

  • Ground controlling was good
  • I liked that you gave me the runway crossing command in advance which shows that you are aware of what is going on
  • Tower controlling was very good as well
  • Instructions were given in then correct order and at the right time
  • The runway change worked perfectly as well

I guess that’s it.
I can’t give you any feedback on sequencing because there weren’t any other airacft around but from what I could see so far, I’m sure that you’re not having any issues with that.
Hope you enjoyed your session and have a nice day!

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Thanks for stopping by I am relieved to here the runways change was correct as when I gave the traffic pattern command after clearing you for runway 28L I wasnt sure if it was correct :)

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ok so

i do. i put my gear up too late for a go around and landed no gear ;-;

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I call that itching the belly lol I then said stand by as I wasnt sure if it was glitch so I waited til it cleared up

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Hello everyone I’m open at tower and ground for KPDX come on by!

still open?

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Yes I am still open only for another hour or so

Hey what’s up man
You should have sequences fedex number two right there. He entered your airspace at 13,000 feet

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Your right I realized it after you already adjusted thank you for feedback:)

Nice work though
Your on top of it

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@Tomjuul1996 If you stay open for 2 hours more, you’ll have inbound traffic of 4 people, and that will help you a LOT in my opinion.

He shouldn’t even contact tower until under 10k so not really your fault
Instead of calling his base there sequence him number two behind traffic on right downwind.

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I’ll open back up in 1 hour

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