Tomjuul1996's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello everyone my previous tracking thread stopped allowing me to edit title here are my current stats;
Current username/ callsign: IFC-Tomjuul1996 / N705AR (or any airline-996)

Operation count: 1,271

Location: KPDX
server: Training server
Frequencies: KPDX ground and tower
Open: Zulu time 03:30 - 06:30

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Hello everyone I’m open at tower and ground at KPDX could use some pattern work please only open for hour or so

Hey are you still open? And also, are you open at KSEA or KPDX? Nvm I found you.
Swinging over!

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Saw my mistake at end when you went around last tim3

Alright there’s some stuff you definitely need to work on but don’t stress! This is vital and important information to make you better. For the best part we all have more to learn.

Alrighty, a few things -
-you sequenced me behind someone on a different runway than what I was instructed
-when I changed runways you never gave me a pattern entry only a clearance
-you forgot to clear me for the option on my last circuit

Also just something you should do for your tracking thread in the future is announce that you opened at a new airport in the actual topic itself as it can get confusing if your open with what your title says or what you said in your topic and can get a bit messy. :)


Yeah I wasn’t sure about the sequence when to different runways

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One very very helpful and handy resource is the official IFATC handbook manual. I highly suggest to take a peak.


I actually have it downloaded on my phone I’ll be opening KPDX tonight

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I am now open at KPDX

Good evening IFC I am currently open at KPDX !

What is up everyone KPDX is open for weekend traffic so stop on by!

You still open?

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Yes sorry pressed wrong button

Don’t worry🙂
You did a nice job. But if you said something wrong just say: ‘disregard last message’.

Further more, nice ATC work. Hope to see you in IFATC soon :)

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Thanks hope so

Happy Halloween everyone I’m open at KPDX come fly some patterns, fly on in or fly out come say hi!

Hey I was N519AG,

Was there for few minutes, cause the app crashed on me… Few things,

Regarding Ground control. I asked a pushback with an TBM900, however, an GA-aicraft can’t do (if I am wrong, correct me then) a pushback, so you needed to just give me the correct command, which is ‘Taxi to runway XX’.

For Tower, you cleared me a little bit too fast, you should’ve cleared me while I am on crosswind not on departure. Also, I do not know if this was correct, but I think you already cleared PEN and Alaska231 for the inbound, so if you already cleared them for the inbound (NOT FOR THE OPTION!) and they report their position (without saying that they will do a t/g) use the “Already cleared to land, duplicate” command ^^!

And nice use of the Go Around command at PEN!

Other feedback I cannot give, see you next time! 👽 👽

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Overall, it was good. Just wanted to cover a few points.

  • Not sure why you sent “frequency change approved” after I requested taxi to runway 10R. The pilot will switch on their own, no need to tell them to switch.

  • When you cleared me for the option the first time, you added “after the option, make right traffic”. This is not necessary as you’ve already instructed me to make right traffic when you cleared me for takeoff.

  • When I reported full stop, you cleared me to land. Keep in mind that a clearance for the option includes a full stop landing, so all you need to do in the future is say “roger”.

  • Additional Note: You instructed Horizon to cross runway 03 when he was still at the threshold of 28L. Anticipated crossings are good, but not that far out. Let him get closer to the runway first, as you never know what may happen. :)

Overall, good job! Work on these things and you’ll be a great controller in no time.

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Thanks been trying hard great to see you come out while I’m controlling

Was looking for the command couldn’t find it XD thank you for your input every piece of feedback helps:)