Tomjuul1996's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [WRITTEN PASSED]

Main goal is improving handling more aircraft in pattern

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@Tomjuul1996 Do you mean [OPEN] @ KPDX?

Decide so I can open KPDX as I normally would :)

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No KSEA airport sorry for the title typo

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I encourage all IFATC to stop by trying to increase my pattern load limit

I’m open at KPDX for real now come on by

Again I encourage all IFATC to stop on by

Will be returning momentarily

Hey everyone I will be opening KSEA again has I am hoping to host an IG spotter event for stop on by fly in with the best you got! Opening 2020-04-08T16:45:00Z2020-04-08T23:00:00Z

Good morning everyone I’m currently open

I encourage IFATC to stop by and give me a challenge need 4 or more aircraft to remain In the pattern

Hi, so as from what I have observed, there are two problems

  • At the very first pattern, you called me to turn base, it is simply over-controlling and unnecessary. Calls like “I’ll call you base”, “turn base”, extend downwind" are to provide space for departures and arrivals when there are other aircrafts flying in the pattern.
  • The pattern entry instruction for my runway change request for 34C was kind of odd. As I’m still in left base, just simply call “enter left base 34C” rather than enter straight in.

Other than that, I think you did decently well. Keep it up.

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I was Lufthansa Cargo 1401 Heavy, and here were some issues I noticed throughout my pattern work :

  • When I called inbound for touch and goes on 34R, you immediately cleared me for the option and told me to make right traffic. Every time an aircraft is changing runways or is calling inbound, always start off with a pattern entry, then sequence if possible, then clear. So you could have said “Lufthansa Cargo 1401 Heavy, enter right base 34R. Then shortly after, Number 1, Cleared for the option, make right traffic.”

  • After I took off, on I believe my second or third pattern, you issued me to make right traffic beforehand, which I did, but then I hadn’t received a clearance. I continued to final, and I actually called myself on final for touch and goes, which you said roger to, then I still hadn’t received a clearance, then I issued a go around myself because you hadn’t cleared me. Please be a little more aware of that next time.

  • I was coming in for a full stop landing on 34L, and when I was at an acceptable point you make the clearance for me to turn right on the next taxiway when able, cross runway 34C, contact ground when on taxiway. You then shortly followed that with a “disregard last message”, and then sent the same clearance, just without the cross 34C. This means that I techincally wasn’t cleared to cross the runway, then I stopped at the hold short line, but you told me that I was already cleared, please be aware that next time don’t send something you mean but then disregard it.

Overall, you show a fair understanding of how it works and overall did a decent job. You still got some work to do, but I believe that you have lots of potential.

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Thanks for the tips phone slipped out of my hand lol been trying to do better with runway crossings with multiple runways

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No problem, all it is is awareness. I apologize if I came off mean, I just like to help people understand.

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Didn’t come off mean at all😁, I take all advice I received with an attentive ear and a positive attitude knowing mistakes happen but the willingness to learn from those mistakes is what defines success to me

Hello everyone I will be open at KPDX tonight @ 2020-04-09T03:45:00Z I encourage @TaipeiGuru @MrMrMan, @anon41771314, @infiniteflight_17, @shat, @SB110, and any others to stop by hoping to try applying again end of this week see you all there! Let’s hit 4,000 operations!


Maybe, I’ll have to see. :)

I was thinking of opening KSEA if I had time but I don’t know. We’ll see.

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I’m currently open at KPDX

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Thanks for the service earlier, it was perfect from what I saw. No feedbacks from me ;)

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