Tomjuul1996’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello IFC members! Tonight I will open KPDX for light pattern work (maybe 4-5 aircraft at a time) and full arrivals and departures I would love your guy’s help by increasing the volume of aircraft arriving and departing from KPDX

NOTAM: RWY 28R/10L will be for pattern work today

Hello everyone KPDX IS OPEN please see above post for pattern work and what I’m sharpening skills on

Again everyone I want to take a moment to say a big thank you to everyone that came out last night to help with ATC spotted a TSATC

hoping to get into that program very soon big shout out to @I_F23 for the incredibly beautiful screenshots.
Speaking of which here are some spotting from the tower I left the usernames visible so if you know the members they can be mentioned:)

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Hello IFC members I am open at tower and ground for KPDX looking to try and handle large volume of inbound and outbound traffic including the need to handle more heavies at KPDX light pattern work will be allowed at RWY 10L/28R please do help with flying in or out to test an increase of traffic at KPDX if you spot @I_F23 parked look your best!
Maybe an approach and departure controller(s) would be helpful if large volume increases

OPEN at KPDX community resident spotter @I_F23 is currently on location full pattern work allowed

Hey I was the Cessna Caravan who did some pattern work for you (N56RT)
You did fairly well but there are some things for you to work on!
My criticism-

-Took to long to clear me for takeoff
You cleared somebody who asked way after me, and the plane ahead of me was plenty far enough ahead!

-No need to use Pattern instructions unless I’m changing runways, just clear me for the option or if there’s other traffic sequence me! (You only did this the first pattern I did)

-Also no need to add the Left Traffic or right traffic after clearing me for the option, that’s only if I changed runways!!

-when I reported Full Stop, you should Clear me to land. You can say Roger but then add cleared to land ;)

Thanks for the service! I hope to see you again ;) check out some YT videos on the ATC with pattern work… it’ll help a whole lot… if you have any questions or concerns you can ask me ;)

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Yes very much open with resident community spotter @I_F23 at approach

Thanks for the feedback first time at KSEA and still somewhat new to pattern work

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Hey before I take off you should change your runways to 36’s as the wind is at 330 7kts so u don’t want to have aircraft taking off from the 16’s

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Will do accidental button press

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A couple of things:

1.) you cleared me for takeoff 34R right traffic. Next you gave me a pattern instruction. No need for pattern instruction when I’m in the pattern, when you gave me right traffic it is expected for the pilot to enter all parts of the pattern, downwind, base, final. All you need to do is clear for take off make right traffic, then when I’m on downwind, (sequence if necessary) clear for the option runway 34R.

  • So to clarify, the only time you will issue a pattern entry to an aircraft is if they are on a runway change, inbound, or you issued a go around.

2.) I reported inbound full stop as a courtesy so you know I will be exiting the runway.

  • all you need to do is respond “Roger”
  • you also cleared me to land multiple times at the same time in that situation… no need because you cleared me earlier. Just clear me once.

3.) I do not know if you gave the aircraft in front of me an exit runway command but they requested a frequency change to ground

  • If you did not give an exit command, do, and I was far enough out that you do not need to expedite it
  • if you did give the command then go to misc messages and tell the aircraft, “you were already cleared to change frequency’s…” on the bottom of the misc messages.

4.) last one 😉, just technique advice if you want to start controlling busier and more efficient…control quicker. What I mean is for example when I requested pushback with no traffic near me it took around 9 ish seconds till I got the approval.

I’ll stop by the next time you open and I bet I’ll see a bunch of improvements because it seems like ur motivated 👍👍👍

Thanks for controlling!!!

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Thanks for the feedback the reason for expedite was because aircraft in front of you was GA but thanks for the advice will be opening next at KTTD for full pattern work only having one runway will help me focus better

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Ok, if ur opening soon I’ll stop by then 👍

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I’m open at the smaller KTTD for training with pattern work single runway so small jets and GA recommended for KTTD

Hello everyone I’m open at KPDX I’m trying to start training for IFATC very soon so please come on down

On my way for some patterns ;)

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My feedback ;)
Thanks for controlling today!!

  • on my first pattern you cleared me for the option and added “Left traffic” no need for that just clear me for the option. Only clear and add traffic when I’ve switched runways! Hehe

Other then that you did fantastic!
I just passed my IFATC Written today and I’m gonna take my practical tomorrow! I hope to see you soon!
Thank for the service

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Think I did much better that time that a340 was about to be reported

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Thanks for the advice and congrats I’m hoping to start soon

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Hoping to hit 1000 operations tonight currently at 884 out of KPDX

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