Tomjuul1996’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello IFC, I’m hoping to become an IFATC one day for KPDX for ground/tower control and am creating this thread to help with input and tips always accepted I try to be as professional as possible but as everyone knows, mistakes happen. Please If you would like to help make flights out to KPDX when convenient or feeling up to it on training server here is my current stats;

Current username/ callsign: TOM JUUL / N705AR

Operation count: 467
Location: KPDX
server: Training server
Frequencies: KPDX ground and tower
Open: Zulu time 03:30 - 06:30

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Are you looking for pattern work as well? Or do you want more inbounds?

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Atm inbounds

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Thank you for your help with pattern work :)

Good morning everyone I am currently live and PDX is open for a short time this beautiful morning on pacific coast

Hello, do not forget to edit the title and say that it is closed when you disconnect from the ATC!

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Oh ok thank you

Correction was needed didnt see clearly that I actually have 433 operations 434 including current operation KPDX is open for another 2hrs

Hello everyone KPDX is now open

Good morning IFC Members tonight I will be opening the KPDX on training server from 3:50Z til 6:50Z. I am curious if anybody would be a willing to help manage the approach and departure frequencies for KPDX as I would like to undergo a stress test for myself with a large volume of aircraft landing at KPDX would anybody be willing to help with that please

all set and ready awaiting flights and maybe help with someone on appr and departure?