Tomjuul1996’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PRACTICAL PASSED!]

Hello everyone this is my new ATC tracking thread here is current stats;
Homeport: PDX
Current operations count: 6,269
Frequencies: tower & ground

Status: CLOSED

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hello everyone i’m open at tower for KJFK i encourage any IFATC to stop by! any IFC members i encourage to stop by too! currently have @CptCali running ground

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Why can’t you use your old thread? Just crowds the forum! Sorry to be that guy!
Cign :D

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The OP cannot edit his previous thread anymore, thus needs a new one to add his Tracking thread information.

Posts and topics cannot be edited by the original poster after 60 days.


Ah ok sorry did not know that!

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hello everyone I’m open at KSAN stop on by! @dereckyared14, @shat, @Abalnaseeb, @ShaneAviation, @Hogwyld

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I will do some patterns callsign ROBRO.

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@Tomjuul1996 I forgot I had an event with ASVA right now sorry :(

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My callsign was ROBRO

Thank you for the service today at San Diego! Here is what I saw…

1). I like how you gave your clearances nice and early especially because there wasn’t really any conflict.

2). Transition altitude made sense as you added 1,000 to the 1,500 AGL pattern altitude to give me my transition altitude MSL.

3). Good pattern entry and clearance when I was inbound for landing.

4). And finally, runway exit command was perfectly timed because I was at give or take 65 knots which is perfect. It was not too late nor was it too early with regards to how much I could manage my own speed.

In conclusion, I found no errors today and once again, thank you for the service at San Diego!

Also I just joined in as San Diego SOCAL West Approach lol.


thanks for the feedback and thanks for stopping by!!


I’m open at KPDX

I’ll stop by! 😀

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Sorry I had to dip really early, dinner was made a lot faster that I expected. 😂


All good I’ll be open for another hour or 2

I can come by for a while now. :)

Oops left a lil early bc car was moving. I’ll be back. Initial comments: I’m a prop, and the exit command was issued way too early. 70-60 kts for jets, 40-30 KTS for props

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Sorry I had to leave after landing. Overall, you did a great job! Taxiing was quick and easy, your clearances were on point, and you did a phenomenal job when transitioning me to 28R when the other aircraft was on long final. Keep up the great work and you’ll ace your practical! :D

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now closed good day everyone!

hello everyone i’m open at KPDX for the first time since the update today lets do this!!

now closed app crashed thanks to those that stopped by!