TomJohnson’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hello fellow pilots!

I don’t really have any aspirations to join IFATC, but I am wanting to provide some controlling services. Come fly some patterns in a GA aircraft at North Las Vegas Airport!

Where: KVGT — Training server
When: 2019-11-11T03:45:00Z2019-11-11T04:30:00Z
Requirements: GA aircraft only

I’ll come Stopby

Just left. I was ExecJet 901. Just a tip on pattern work. On my initial takeoff you cleared me for left traffic, but didn’t provide further instructions. I believe you should have then instructed me which runway, how to enter the pattern, and what number I was cleared for.

Good luck!

Ok, thanks, I’ll make use of your tips!👍

@anon41771314 I’m closing in 5 minutes. Do you still think you’d be able to stop by before then?

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When someone requests takeoff with intentions to remain in the pattern, you clear them for takeoff accompanied with a certain direction (i.e. left/right). After they’ve reached a suitable position in the pattern, you then give them a sequence (if applicable) and then a clearance.

No pattern entry will be necessary, as you’ve already included that in their takeoff clearance (that was the “make left/right traffic” part.

KVGT ground and tower are now closed. Thanks for stopping by!

It should be [Closed] @ N/A

Ok thanks👍

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