Tomjet073's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] Written passed

Hi guys,
Please come fly patterns at LEPA so I can practice and prepare for practical IFATC exam.


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Hello! You should put this is the #atc category :) Have a nice session!


I should add that criticism is welcome!

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Hey @Oliver_P

You have a good knowledge base to become an IFATC controller but a few things should be worked out first. I am not an IFATC controller myself and I am not sure that I am 100% right but during patterns I noticed a few mistakes:

  • You don’t need to give “enter downwind/base” command after you asked pilot to “make right/left traffic” even if there are another planes on the pattern. “Enter” commands should be used only when aircraft is entering you airspace and requesting for landing and when pilot asks for a runway change.

  • You can give “cleared for the option” as soon as aircraft enters downwind. But firstly give sequence ( if relevant) to the pilot.

  • Go around calls must be given with left/right traffic (if there multiple planes in the airspace)

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Ok. Thanks @Feurum I will use this. Thanks for coming and thanks for the feedback!

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Re open at EGNT!

Open at LEPA

I will come mate…😊

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Will give a detailed feedback after I have dinner…there r something’s to make clear of

Thank you for atc…

Ok thanks for coming

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Open at EIDW

OPEN LGAV Training

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Open at EGGW training

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