Told to contact ground while in flight multiple times

Had a question regarding a recent simulation from Birmingham to London Heathrow. After London Heathrow Approach logged off, I kept receiving multiple notifications that “I was on an active airport, please contact London Heathrow Ground on their frequency.” I know that this obviously isn’t right. This was occurring while in flight at about the halfway point from Birmingham from London Heathrow. I must have received this transmission 50 times which was rather annoying. Has anyone experienced this, or is this one of those rare glitches that is likely to re-occur?

Playground server?

Yes. I should have specified that.

Welcome to playground


This has happened to me before.
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If this happens on playground, please don’t report these incidents to the forums for future reference. When you go on that server, you should expect, for the most part, crappy service. Forum would be clogged if every PG report was posted.


People on ATC PG are inexperienced controlling, unlike me. If he wants to tell you to contact ground IN FLIGHT, here is a Tutorial.

Step 1: Change Frequency (Unicom Preferably)
Step 2: Turn Down Volume to Mute (Just in case he spams on-guard warnings)
Step 3: RELAX… 😎


Haha I’m relaxed. Everyone was logged off and that’s why I was asking. I did switch to another Unicom and kept getting it. Thought it might have been a glitch. It’s no big deal anymore. I’m somewhat new to infinite flight and never experienced it before. I do appreciate the tips everyone.

Aha the joy of Playgrounf!, was on there last night on final to EGLL with London Centre putting me on guard despite being already cleared by EGLL Tower to land.

I didn’t get the names, but the two guys controlling at EGLL and EGBB between 2200-2300Z on Playground where very good dealing with the heavy traffic and odd Nimrod!

Yes, controlling at EGLL yesterday was sometimes a real challenge. In addition to heavy traffic I experienced a typical playground story: one pilot at ground tried his best, but didn’t understand the runway numbering and/or weather conditions. Given a taxi clearence for 27R during heavy inbound traffic he taxied to rw 9L instead of rw 27R (wind 240@12kt) and did an immediate lineup. Before I wasn’t able to lead him to the right end of the runway - I don’t know the right button for such discussion ;) Then he repeatedly asked for take off clearence and didn’t understand my concerns, while I tried to reroute parts of the incoming traffic. As this pilot later came in a second time, we repeated this game ;)

Nevertheless it was a great session - thanks to all pilots visiting or departing from EGLL.

@David_Lockwood free to give me feedback, improvement proposals or corrections via PM, I’m glad about any possibility to improve my procedures or pilots communication.

aka some Bored pilots server :)

I hade the exact same problem I was standing on KLAX ground says the depature 3 times that I most contact him???

@hjo from my point of view the controlling was great, Smooth clearance to take-off and later on clearance to land and pass to ground all ok.

Only suggestion there was a guy in a A380 who was cleared to land soon after me and he was given “No 1” whilst really he should have been given “No2”. He came in a little close behind me and was over the threshold only just as a came off a fast taxiway. A “left turn” for spacing prior would have made the gaps a little bit bigger but that’s really Approach/Centres job and they where calling me on guard just as I landed!