Told to contact approach before taxi

I was at kpsp and after I requested taxi ATC said over and over that I was in an active airspace and contact approach before I had even got to the runway. What was that about?

IF it was on playground stop complain.

If in advanced, I hope you took a screenshot of the log and the controllers name. PM the controller if so and explain the problem.

It was in playground.

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then no need to complain. PG server can do what they want ;(


Why I am trying out for Advanced ATC

i was gonna too but i guess it didnt work out ;( but eh i guess i can be atc on playground since its more popular i just hope ppl listen to atc :)

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If I do become an advanced controller, I will only start after the IOS update comes out with the A320

There has to be taxing to runway. It will make the game for realistic and more real to airports of today. This is my opinion

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Welcome to the community! sounds great

Thank You very much Massimo on your opinion about that!!!