TOLD Performance calculator for the Q400

Just discovered a takeoff/landing data performance calculator for the Dash 8-Q400 while looking for sim tools… very easy and intuitive to use, and only costs a subscription cost of $5/two year period! Requires you to make an account of course. I accidentally made an account and paid for it because I was just interested in exactly what it was, and it seems like it might prove useful in IF flight when I fly the Q400 (which isn’t often, but hey, this makes things fun right?)…



Any reviews or videos, sounds a bit fishy- Pay $5 and hope for the best…

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^^^ looks like it used to be free, but sadly, no longer.

It’s legit. Payment is done securely through PayPal, anyway, so if For whatever reason they started taking your cash (which I can’t imagine happening through PayPal), you could just pull your subscription out through your PayPal profile.

That is really cheap considering I barely fly the dash 8, I can’t wait for one of these for jetliners

Take great caution using this.

See the circled section: ‘Not Secure’- this means the site as no SSL authentication. This means your details could be intercepted over the internet, by an external hacker- which is not ok if they’re asking for a username/email and password, especially if they want you to pay.

Please make yourself aware of the risks before continuing:


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