TOLD handbook!

To anyone who is deadset on making as realistic of a flying experience on IF as possible, I’ve just finished compiling basically a “first volume” edition of a booklet that contains takeoff and landing data (TOLD) for the Airbus A318/319/320, B737/738/739, B752/753, B762/763/764, C208, and C750 aircraft in IF. Here is the working copy of it… I’m writing the intro in a jiff as we speak…

The intention of this book (hopefully the printed version won’t be too small…), is to provide a pocket-sized handbook providing the N1 thrust ratings for takeoff and climbout, and appropriate v-speeds for various weights of aircrafts. I’ve even provided a self-made pilot worksheet in the beginning to write in your flight info, plan, ETE, FOB, etc etc etc… I even made a weight and balance worksheet (One can figure their CG and % of MAC with an app like FltPlan Go!), and provided a TO trim diagram to calculate your required trim (I think this is a generic chart…).

On the back of the flight planning worksheet you can find the TOLD cards that the real pilots use, with fields to write in all your airport info, plus the appropriate V-speeds for your current A/C configuration.

Not sure how much the actual production would cost (I will find out soon…), but it’s yours to download and print/bind/laminate at your leisure!


Looks really cool thanks!

@C150_driver under WT, what unit is that? Thousands of kg?

Anywhere else that doesn’t require login?

this looks like a serious amount of work.
Had a scan through the document, looks comprehensive. Well done!

I asked myself the question if I would use it, to prepare for a flight.
I’m not a real life pilot, and I’ve always managed to fly on SIM without knowing ‘too much’. So far, so good…

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Not sure. FltPlan Go has FSX connectivity capabilities so I don’t think it would hurt to get an account if you wanted. Their iPad app is great!

Some might, some would probably rather not. I decided that since it doesn’t take 30 mins to prep a flight, and then my sim crashes (as it does on my laptop…), I figured I might give myself some paperwork to mess with :)

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Great work @C150_driver thanks very much 👌🏼

this is amazing! thank you so much @C150_driver

Very handy! Great job!

It will definitely be a great help in bumping up the realism factor! Thanks so much for making this. Would it be possible to make a PDF version of this?

No problem. Will be added to as I find time and desire to do so!

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Really great job!! Thanks very much.

Lamination is a little stiff (plus one typo), but not half bad all things considered. $6 to make this up.


Nice job! Great work!

I don’t know how to figure all that stuff out. is there a tutorial available?

For the center of gravity and % of MAC calculations, idk. That bit was more or less kinda just a fun thing I wanted to stick in there. You can figure it out with an app like FltPlan Go. Might look through my training textbooks to see if I can find some math equations to give you. Most of the other stuff is as simple as plotting coordinates on a flat geometric plane.

Maybe a video IS a good idea… stand by… lol

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@C150_driver … MaxSez: Over the years I’ve been with IF I’ve seen some member initiatives that knock my socks off. This one knocked off my boots. I did a Topic on “TOLD” Cards and never imagined that at some point someone would develop and/or publish a performance compendium readily transferable to a “TOLD Card” format. I used the card for real & IF pre-Global and have a few on file for some of my regular journeys. With Global I’ve begun Filing TOLD’s for every sortie over 3 hours for ready recall.
I’ll Bookmark this Topic and print out the data pages. Hopefully the author will make the envisioned printed version available via a commercial source or by PDF.

“WELL DONE” Driver, Here’s a “Rare Golden Peanut” for your outstanding effort.



Thank you! I am one to take flight simulation a bit too seriously though. That’s for sure, lol. You did the TOLD card stuff too?