Tokyo to New York

With KJFK being the busiest airport today, last night I was thinking hmm what kind of flight could I do, did some digging in BAVA’s route database and found RJTT-KJFK (Japan Airlines Codeshare route) it was on a 777-200ER roughly a 12 hour flight on expert server, cruise was FL310
Parked at RJTT gates

Taking off out of RJTT

Cruising at FL310

As you can see in the far distance some mountains on the horizon cruise FL310

Landing at KJFK

Best idea to turn your brightness up 👍


Awesome pictures! My favourite is the last one :)


Nice pictures! Love the last one


Awesome photos!

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Nice picks. Second last my favourite

Nice pictures! The second one is my favorite. And great sunset.

Beautiful photos!! I really enjoyed looking at the sunset and the landing with the Speedbird 747!!

I saw you touch down! I landed my A321 right before you! (Nice landing btw) 😄
I was curious considering I’ve never seen a JAL 772, so I looked at your flight plan and was impressed to see that you had just finished up the long haul.


Last one 😍

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