Tokyo to London with The Queen

Hello everyone! Here are some pictures from my longest flight ever on IF between Tokyo Haneda and London Heathrow. The flight time was 13,37 hours with avoiding Russian airspace.

Aircraft: British Airways Boeing 747-400
Route: Tokyo Haneda - London Heathrow
Flight Time: 13 hours 37 mins
Server: Expert

Morning in Tokyo

Departure from runway 34R

Climbing out of Haneda

Flying over the northwest border of Greenland

Windows views to Faroe Islands

Starting descent towards the Heathrow

Landing on runway 27R at Heathrow

Finally arrived at Heathrow terminal 5


Sheesh, 1337 hours in the sky? Didn’t know the 747 could do that! Lol, JK | Nice shots!

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Haha, 13 HOURS 37 mins, anyway thanks😅


Amazing photos You brought inspiration to me just by these photos thx so much

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You’re welcome!

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