Tokyo to Hokkaido / ANA A321

Hi guys. I flew with ANA’s A321.
Currently at FL300, there are huge turbulence covering the sky above Japan.

Right heading 100

At FL270. Moderate turbulence.


Full ILS approach. Such a great butter landing.

A321 was pretty sensitive to control like A320.
I found that how useful using trim is.

Expert Server
Total time 1:49


Awesome pictures! My favorite are the first one and the left wing view one.

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That’s the only way to do it 😉

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Beautiful pictures.

BAck in 2014, I was traveling on a JAL B767 and experienced the worst turbulence I had ever been in. Quite freaky.

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Im flying to Okinawa and Infinite FLight has its weather turned off so I have to deal with the crazy turbulence and land in it… ugh

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Really. When I fly above Japan, I get turbulence constantly between FL270-320 😂

Just for the realism, why didn’t you use ANA 772

I love that wingview 😍

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Because ANA introduced that they will have more 18 a321neo on domestic routes in 2020!

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Beautiful pictures!

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Thank you very much 😄